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nvd3.js license

Does anyone know what the nvd3.js license requirements are?
I can't seem to find this anywhere but there was a mention of EE having experts who know this.

I am wanting to know if this can be used for commercial purposes as well as open source projects.
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There does not appear to be a specific license included with the nvd3.js project.  You should check github's info on licensing to make your decision on how to handle it.

Many developers put whatever "licensing" they would like people to use in the code itself.  Not good practice, but it happens.  So check that to see if there are any issues with what you want to do.
projectsAuthor Commented:
Well, I see them listed on github but I don't see anything about what license type they are using.


This appears to have the licensing for his code, or lack of and just a copyright notice which makes it even less clear to me now.

Yes -- as I said, the author of this project appeared not to include a specific licensing document in the github project for nvd3.js.

However, you found the author's license, which is the Apache license.  So -- open source, it's his code, and you can freely distribute it as long as his copyright is part of your distribution.  And possibly you notify him you're using it?

It's possible you need to read more about how open source licensing works.  Google works.  This article is a fun one:  http://blog.codinghorror.com/pick-a-license-any-license/

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