SPF Notification question

Greetings.  I am pretty sure I have our SPF (TXT) record set up properly in DNS, but every so often we get an undeliverable message with an SPF link similar to:

Please see http://www.openspf.org/Why?xxxxxxxxxxxx

The resulting suggestion from Openspf.org is:

MX1 rejected a message from a mail server claiming to be mail.our_domain.org.

MX1 received a message from mail.our_domain.org (xx.x.xxx.xx) from a mail server claiming to be mail.our_domain.org.

The domain mail.our_domain.org has not published an SPF policy. It is possible that the receiving mail server refuses all mail from domains that do not have an SPF policy.

My guess is that the recipient's mail server or hosted filtering is doing a reverse DNS for:  mail.our_domain.org  or their SPF check is mistaking our "domain" as:  mail.our_domain.org  .... instead of correctly identifying our domain as:   our_domain.org

Suggestions ?  Anything we should change or is this a misconfiguration on the recipient's side ?

Thanks much.
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Well, was the IP address or name "mail.our_domain.org" valid? Was the message it rejected valid? The last sentence could just be a weirdness in the message, but the first 2 look like they COULD be correct. The whole point of SPF is for the remote mail server to check if the sending server is legit.
lapavoniAuthor Commented:
Yes the IP address and server name are correct.  However, if they're looking for a domain named "mail.our_domain.org", they won't find it.  "mail.our_domain.org" isn't a domain - it's an mx record under "our_domain.org"
Would be helpful if you tell your domain so others can confirm your SPF record is present and correct.
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lapavoniAuthor Commented:
Domain is:  fairtradeusa.org
It appears that your configuration is correct, so if it's only happening with one destination then I would assume it's a problem on their end. I do notice that
1. the IP address doesn't resolve, but it's in the SPF record. If it isn't valid it should be removed.
2. resolves to both mail.fairtradeusa.org and mail.transfairusa.org, but they are both in the SPF record so it should be OK.

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it looks pretty OK
fairtradeusa.org.       3600    IN      TXT     "v=spf1 ip4: ip4: a:mail.transfairusa.org a:mail.fairtradeusa.org include:spf.protection.outlook.com -all"

i think /32 are obsolete
a: ? could taht be just mx/24 ?
Why would your rwcipiwnts need to do 5 DNS lookups to accept your mail? use IPs for hostnames.
lapavoniAuthor Commented:
OK, thank you both for the suggestions.  I removed the /32 and the  This IP is our static IP for our webserver.  Seems irrelevant as our mail server is completely separate.  I looked at our SMTP logs and all EHLO/HELO are for: mail.fairtradeusa.org   We had a previous CERT in the past that only had:  mail.transfairusa.org , so I think that was a remnant, but we still use that as an accepted domain for our Exchange server.

I am thinking the few SPF undeliverables are just unhappy or misconfigured servers on the other end.  I checked past undeliverables and noticed a few "grey listed" messages.  Interesting concept - grey listing.  Didn't look like the best way to protect against SPAM to me ... but maybe it used to be very effective - I don't know.
Make it soft fail  ~all and maybe remote site loads your SPF record sooner or later.
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