How to configure Exchange 2010 in DAG with iSCSI storage

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We purchased EMC NAS, I configured it as iSCSI storage used iSCSI initiator to configure it in my Exchange database server. One NIC interface on Exchange and NAS are facing the Network. Second NIC on both Exchange and NAS are isolated and only talking to each other (separate LAN). I was told that even if they communicate on separate networks I need to tell Exschange in DAG not to talk to NAS thru Network interface and having a hard time using the command in the shell. Just to be more specific, here are actual names of my devices
Exchange database server      RT-MBX5
DAG                                              DAG1
Storage (NAS)                   
Your input will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

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What you are referring to is using a separate MAPI and Replication network. This has nothing to do with iSCSI or your SAN. Ideally, you have one NIC dedicated to MAPI (client connectivity, Exchange server communication, etc.) and one NIC dedicated to DAG replication traffic.

If you only have two NICs in your server, I recommend you dedicate one to iSCSI and use the other one as a shared MAPI/Replication network. The reason for this is that you want to ensure you always have enough bandwidth for iSCSI and you don't want your MAPI or replication traffic affecting that. Ideally, you would have three NICs then you could dedicate a NIC to each of iSCSI, MAPI, and Replication.

To set this up in EMC, go to Organization Configuration / Mailbox / Database Availability Groups. For Networks, make sure there is only one network listed. Make sure replication is enabled and make sure only the subnet of the NIC you plan to use for MAPI/Replication is listed.



Here is my config.

IP is NIC that connects iSCSI storage.

If you only have 2 NICs, why am I seeing three networks/subnets?



Thank you for your reply. This is exactly what I did and NAS works well.
Appreciate your recommendation.


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