403 forbidden error on WAMP localhost of Wordpress' stylesheet file bootstrap.css

Victor Kimura
Victor Kimura used Ask the Experts™

I'm getting a 403 forbidden error on my WAMP localhost (Win 7 64bit) using Wordpress. It can access the index and the Apache server is working fine but it can't access the stylesheet.

I tried this:
<Directory "C:/wamp/www/test/trunk/php/wordpress">
	Options All
	AllowOverride all
	Order Deny,Allow
	  Allow from

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And I tried the same above code except with "Allow from all" but to no avail.

Note - Apache can access the main style.css of the active theme folder but it can't access the @import bootstrap.css files. For some reason, it's trying to access the .css file as an html file it seems like.

Here's the snapshot of the Network tab in the Chrome dev tool:Chrome dev tool Network tab. bootstrap.css has a 403 forbidden error
Here's the Chrome dev snapshot attached.
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Mandeep SinghDatabase Administrator

Try to open your bootstrap.css file location in a new tab. like: http://localhost/........./bootstrap.css

Check permission of bootstrap.css file.
SEO, Web Developer
@Mandeep Singh,

yes, it's a permissions error. Odd that when I unzipped the bootstrap zip folder all the folders (css, fonts, js folders) are greyed out. I looked for the permissions but I don't see anything that is causing the "greyed out" permissions. On Windows 7 64bit pro.

greyed out bootstrap download files. How do I ungrey them (set the proper permissions)?

Oh, I think I just figured it out. Why does Bootstrap have the setting of "file encryption" on their download files. That is so odd and doesn't really make sense to me.

Solution: right click folder, click "Properties", then "Advanced" button, then uncheck "Encrypt contents to secure data". That does the trick. Spent over an hour trying to figure this out but by the Father's grace figured it out.
Victor KimuraSEO, Web Developer


I think I found the answer on a "hidden" blog post somewhere or some forum.

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