rdc from window 7 domain cpu to windows 8 workgroup computer

My Windows 7 Laptop belongs to my employer's domain. I usually use My_W7_Laptop at the office, but this question is about home usage.

I cannot use remote desktop connection from My_W7_Laptop to my wife's Window 8 computer in the home Workgroup.

Is there any easy way to use RDC from a domain computer to a workgroup computer?  (By the way, I know I have physical connectivity because I can EASILY view my wife files. I simply use Start > network > double click on Wifes_w8_CPU)

------ Here are the complicated details of what I have tried ----------------

First on Wifes_W8_cpu I enabled "allow remote access to your computer".

    Windows 8 insisited I supply the administrator name which is different than my wife's.  
      Administrator name is Bob @ Bobsemail.com (it was setup when I bought her computer last year)
      My wife's user name is JaneDoeLocal which she uses when she turns on her computer.

-------- the rest of the activity is on My_W7_laptop -----------------------------

NEXT, I went to My_W7_Laptop and tried

Start > network > right click on Wifes_w8_CPU > "connect with remote desktop connection"

I enter my wife's user name and password on the following Windows Security dialog

   Windows Security
   Enter your credentials
      These credentials will be used to connect to the following computers:
      1. 208.xx.xx.xx (RD Gateway server)
      2. JaneDoeCpu (remote computer)
If I enter JaneDoeLocal the same security dialog is repeated 10 seconds later.

If i enter JaneDoeLocal@workgroup I get an error message.

     "Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because the remote desktop gateway server's certificate has expired or has been revoked. Contact your network administrator for assistance."

I view the certificate and see the certificate was issued by my employer 207.xx.xx.xx and expired 2 months ago.

I also tried using start > run > mstsc > (the IP of Wifes_w8_cpu).  I also tried options > advanced and fiddled with the settings but could not get things to work.

I hope someone can help.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Your Windows 8 machine is likely Windows 8 Home (no identifier is Home) and Windows Home will not easily connect to a domain machine.

I would try setting up a different, new, non-domain user id for the Windows 7 machine, log on as the local user and see if you can share files that way.
The RDP host of an M$ desktop OS must always be at least the professional version. Home versions don't allow to be RDP'd into.
When connecting from the Win7 laptop, try authenticating with computername\username.  Since your laptop is a member of a domain, it is likely passing the domain credentials.

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rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
John Hurst: I logged on as local administrator for the W7 machine.  I get the same errors.

rindi:Window 8 home has a setting that says "allow remote desktop connections".  Do you believe that setting is bogus and does not work?

TropicalBound.  I agree that Wifes_w8_cpy\JaneDoeLocal is more likely to work than Workgroup\JaneDoeLocal.   Sadly, it does not seem to help.

I keep getting the certificate expired message.  I have tried using MSTsc > options and selecting "do not use a RD gateway server" and that changes the symptoms.  It now says

remote desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one these reasons
1) remote access to the server is not enabled
2) the remote computer is turned off
3) the remote computer is not available on the network

Make sure the remote computer is turned on and connected to the network and that remote access is enabled.

Perhaps someone can suggest a generic RD gateway server?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Home does not use Remote Desktop as Rindi noted.

First, on both machines, make sure Network Discovery and File Sharing are on.  Make sure Homegroup is off and Password protected sharing is ON.

Then on the Windows 8 machine, make a user id and password that is the same as the Windows 7 account.

Then share the drive of the Windows 8 machine to the new user you created. That usually works.
The settings you have on OS's that are below Windows Pro versions are for remote assistance. Remote assistance works differently than Remote Desktop works. The user on the home PC sends an "Invitation to you, and then you can click on that invitation and connect to the PC, while the user who invited you can watch what you do. It is more like what TeamViewer does:


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rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
You guys are right: per microsoft sales literature RDC hosting is only available on Windows 8 Pro which my wife does not have.  

Luckily, since my desire is to connect to the wife's home computer while I am sitting next to it at home I do not really need RDC hosting.  Ouch  !!!! what a waste of time  -- Remote Assistance is totally sufficient for my needs.  (and yes, I could also use TeamViewer or Join.me or similar products to do the same thing.)

By the way, file sharing works fine without doing any of the things specified by John Hurst.  Perhaps other people might need to do them, but I did not.
No, for file sharing there aren't any special needs. That works with or without domain, and also on lower than Pro versions. There you have other limits, like the number of connections at the same time, but I don't know what the limits are in Windows 8.x.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@rberke  - Thanks for the update. I gave generalized steps, but if you did need them, great. I was happy to help you with this.
rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, Windows Remote Assistance  works very poorly.  I finally gave up and switched to the free version of Join.me.

For instance, when the Join.me window maximized, I can strike the windows key on my Win7 laptop and it acts upon my wife's Win8 computer.  With WRA when I strike the windows key, it acts upon my Windows 7 laptop.

Even worse, the clipboard is not shared, so I cannot cut something from my computer and paste it onto her computer.  

Windows Remote Assistance is a very disappointing product.  And Microsoft Home should not pretend to support remote assistance for Home users - they clearly left that niche to be filled by third party vendors.
I don't use Windows Remote Assistance (I prefer TeamViewer, as there is a free version for private use, and it works really nicely and has lots of features, including a filemanager that allows you to copy files from one PC to the other during a remote session, clipboard sharing etc.). I did try out though a long time ago, and I think it was possible to share the clipboard, but if I remember correctly such options were somewhat interactive, in that the user on the "shared" PC had to specifically allow things like that.
rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
While the session was active, I looked into all the obvious places on both the computers and could not find any mention of clipboard. I also googled and found several other people that complained about that exact problem, and no solutions other than "use another product".  

Beyond a doubt, I have personally seen a shared clipboard when using Remote Desktop Connection to both Windows 7 Pro and XP Pro machine.  So, perhaps those features are only missing in the Windows Home version ??? anyway, I am done with this post - and am going back to doing real work.
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