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If (exchange 2010) mailbox tracking is enabled, but only enabled for 30 days worth of traffic, can you open/restore old archived logs from backups and view them in the message tracking application?

Whatare the exact paths for the message tracking logs are stored on windows 2008 server, and can they be viewed in any other 3rd party software, to avoid the need to restore them.
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Default path for Messaging Tracking Logs is as follows.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\v14\Transport Roles\Logs\Message Tracking

This may differ if you have installed Exchange Server in a different drive.

Also, you need to check for how many days Exchange Server is configured to keep the Log Files. You could use the following command and look for the value MessageTrackingLogMaxAge. Only for that many days logs will be available for search. If your Hub and Mailbox roles are collocated then you have to use Get-MailboxServer.

 Get-transportServer -Identity TransportServer1 | select messagetracking*

If you are restoring old logs, then you may have to increase  MessageTrackingLogMaxAge value first and then copy old logs, else they may get removed based on the number of days set. I am not sure if copying old logs to the default path will give the option to search using message tracking option. I have not tried that. You could give it a try.

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pma111Author Commented:
Thanks - do you know what format they are in? And can they be viewed in any 3rd party software? I was hoping to ask our exchange team to restore the logs from a backup and review them offline in a 3rd party tool. I think the logs are kept for 30 days from previously checking this configuration.
pma111Author Commented:
also if you have numerous exchange servers seperated so they are running different roles, which server role will have the log files for the message tracking logs?
Hub Transport Server will be having Message Tracking Logs. It will be in text file format with .log file extension. You could use Log Parser Tool from Microsoft to analyze the Message Tracking Logs.
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