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youtube invalid url forwarding parameter

I am starting a YouTube channel. I have some videos and graphics that are being uploaded.

For some reason i can no longer log into my YouTube channel from any computer with any browser. The only exception is I am still logged into my YouTube channel in IE on my computer. I don't want to log out of that.

If I log into youtube.com from IE I get "invalid url forwarding parameter" "Sorry your login was incorrect."

In Firefox it says "The page isn't redirecting properly" "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete."

In Chrome it says "This webpage has a redirect loop."

I can log into Google with the username and password. When I click on YouTube channel, I am logged out. If I click on  sign, I get the same errors listed above

I have tried this on computers that have never been to youtube. I have reset cache and internet data including cookies.

Anyone know who I can get this fixed
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Hi ajdratch
You can only be logged into youtube from one place, log out then log in from a different browser.
Sorry you have to log out, my partner had the same he never wrote down his passwords.
The only exception is I am still logged into my YouTube channel in IE on my computer. I don't want to log out of that.
you must login to Google+ first.
If you have connected your youtube channel to Google
Visit the YouTube account recovery page on your computer or mobile web browser to reset your password.

After you've entered your email on the YouTube account recovery page, you'll be guided through some questions to prove ownership of your account.

If you have a recovery email address or phone number set up, you can use those to recover your account. Otherwise, look for the Verify your identity link to prove account ownership and recover your account.
Forgot password/ reset it
What to Do If You Forget Your YouTube Username or Password

Your account and Google+
ajdratchAuthor Commented:
If I logged into Google first and click YouTube, it appeared to log me out of my Google account. I had a sign in link to Google on the top left. I know I can  be logged into Google on more than one computer. I have been in and the person doing the videos has been logged in before this happened. Anyway after much searching, I found this link on a support site. I clicked it and somehow that fixed it

ajdratchAuthor Commented:
Clicking on this link fixed it

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