DFS-N and DFS-R Issues

We are having major problems with our new DFS deployment - we did at  first think it was linked to NIC Teaming, but after removing this we are still seeing problems.

We have 2 Server 2012 servers running DFS-R for our new shared filestore.  There are approximately 40 shares on there, and these are all published to our domain namespace - DFS-N is setup on all our Server 2008 R2 RW Domain controllers (we have one RODC in our DMZ which it is not configured on).  All seems to work great until the DFS shares aren't accessed for a while (overnight, weekend, bank holiday etc) - when you try to access a share using \\domain.com\Shares\General_Share we get an error reporting the share isn't accessible (the same happens when browsing to it).  We can still access the shares directly on the back end DFS-R servers by using \\server\General_Share.  When we check the DFS replication information on the back end servers, one site seems to be lost out of the replication information (source site on one and destination site on the other).  Nothing seems to solve this other than rebooting both DFS servers, and then it comes back to normal - or it sometimes springs back to life of it's own accord.

We can find no mention of anything in the logs that could be causing the issue, and i have run the usual diagnostics and they all come back as fine.  A lot of people seem to indicate a missing subnet in sites and services, but they are all correct also.  We are struggling to find any reason for this at all; we are on the verge of dropping the DFS-N front end and putting it all on the back end servers instead of the domain controllers - something i didn't want to do.

anyone offer any advice?
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Amaze_ITAuthor Commented:
This problem was down to a DNS server issue - one of the DFS replicating servers was disappearing from the DNS, causing the whole thing to drop out!
Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
What do the following 2 commands output:

1.  dcdiag /v
2.  repadmin /showreps

Also, what type or mode I the namespace?  DFS Management > Namespaces > <YOUR NAMESPACE> > properties.  Under type.

Amaze_ITAuthor Commented:
Problem due to a DNS issue we discovered when diagnosing another issue!
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