Cloning disk for another identical laptop using EaseUS ToDo Backup

Hi, I've just bought a used Acer laptop for my son, with a drive but no OS ( I presume the original drive failed and there was no installation disk).  The laptop is an identical model to my own, so I plan to clone my hard drive to the new laptop's bare drive using a USB disk caddy with (Free) Easus ToDo Backup, latest version.  The new drive is bigger than my own.  The laptop hasn't yet arrived so I want the process to go smoothly.  I've already tried cloning onto an old, smaller drive, though big enough for the files, and it seemed to work fine.

So my questions:
1. Will Windows detect a change of hardware and complain when I put the new drive into the other laptop, even though the spec is the same?
2. Will I need to change or re-register my Windows 8 licence on the new computer, and if so how? (the PC comes with a Win 8 sticker but there's no sign of a licence number)
3. Anything else I should beware of or that I should do to make the process easier?
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Practically cloning will go as planned and it will even start. If you are sure that the model is exactly the same and the BIOS settings are also the same. The drive size will make no difference as long as you use the drives smaller than 2TB.
The question is licensing. Theoretically it should be ok if both machines are licensed for Windows 8. But as the experience shows the license key is normally on the drive and activation could be needed on the new laptop. For this you will need Windows license.
Isn't there any way to get from Acer a Recovery DVDs with Windows? This would be the best way for you instead of using cloning get the original image from Acer which will be restored to new laptop.
The license / activation key is stored in the PC's BIOS, and if it is the correct version of the OS it should self activate.
colin_thamesAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rindi, that's interesting.  Do you think the clone would allow activation from the BIOS or would I need to use the restore in order to pick it up?

I've yet to reboot my own PC to check but is the Windows key actually shown in the BIOS?
The key itself isn't shown to users when you go into the BIOS, it is just stored there. It saves you keeping the stickers or writing them down.

From what I heard, you probably don't need to do anything, it should activate by itself. But as I don't own a PC with UEFI BIOS that came with Windows8.x I can't verify it myself.

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colin_thamesAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, both answers useful and I will progress with Acer if the clone doesn't automatically register using the BIOS
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