SBS 2008 Remote workplace services bindings are misconfigured

I have a 2008 SBS server that I support running Exchange 2007 as a bundled product.
My Self signed SSL certificate expired, and I renewed it.  This resulted in the Transport services for Exchange hanging, and the information store not to come up.  During the process of trying to determine what was causing the problem  I found information regarding the Bindings within IIS.  I went in and made changes.  This was a big mistake.

Turns out the problem was simple.  I had deselected IP v6 as a protocol and this was causing the problem.  Once I check the box to use this protocol as well the transport services came up and the Information store came up.   Stupid mistake on my part.

Now everything is perfect, Not!  Now my bindings of remote workplace services are not configured correctly, and I can not find a way to fix them, and don't want to make matters wore.  does anyone have a solution.


John NauAsked:
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Run the fix my network wizard in the SBS management console.

Basically you shouldn't do anything with SSL certificates in Exchange, it should all be done with SBS.
If you are still using the self signed certificate, running the wizard within SBS to configure the domain name will create a new self signed certificate and ensure the bindings are correct.

John NauAuthor Commented:

I did this and it found one web site as wrong and corrected.  now when I go to the location across the web I get the main IIS page.

When I hit say domain name /owa I can get in and if I go to domain name /remote up comes the complete web site.
IP used to be able to get to the main site for remote workplace by going to my main URL for the site

also, Im unable to get any of the smart phones to access.  This has been happening all along as well.

Its all related to the changes in bindings.

Let me know what you think
Cris HannaCommented:
Well what we need is a screen shot of your current bindings

you should also download and run the SBS 2008 BPA...fix everything it finds

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John NauAuthor Commented:
Great!  The BPA tool showed me the way to correcting my bindings.  It was a simple mistake that I had introduced into the setting but needed something to just guide me on my way.  Thank you,

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