CNAMES issue on IIS


I have a win2008 server which running IIS and say the server IP(i.e was registered with, and I also have other CNAMES like and registered for the same IP. Now I need to re-register to another IP. is there anyway that I can still keep and continuing served by the IP 721.5.5.5?

Please provide detailed instructions.
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CNAME records point to a dns name, if you want to have those names point to the old IP then create new A records pointing them there and delete the old cname record pointing them to

Here is some info no how cnames work:
mrongAuthor Commented:
I think I missed something... the will be set up on another server and register with a new IP address...
Please let me know if the following steps will work in my case.

1. delete the records for to the old IP ( and make default site as  
2. create a new records for  to the old IP and keep  there
3. register with the new IP
Ok I think I know what you want to do:

Keep the current site up until the new new server is up and running ?

If so then simple:
Step 1 create a new A record for pointing to
Step 2 create a CNAME for pointing to
Step 3 create a CNAME for pointing to
Step 4 Delete the CNAME for
Step 5 create a new A record for pointing to the new IP
Step 6 (If needed) change the CNAME for & to point to the new site

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mrongAuthor Commented:
step 6 won't be necessary since & will stay on the old server(
my old server has server name myname. Do I need to change it to myname1during the changes?
Without a better idea of what your environment is like, this is hard to answer.

However if this is just  website, there should no need to change the server name.
Do you need any further help on this, or did you get the answers you needed ?
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