website cost?

please see enclosed proposal for website design for a business restaurant site.  completely green in this area and the cost seemed very high but I am lost in the verbage of the site production.  is this a common cost for said work?  enclosed please find the word doc with the specs.  thank you so much for your expertise.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Seems a little high to me.  It does not include anything about maintenance that I can see.  For that price, it ought to be 'lifetime' maintenance for free.  I would get several more quotes.  I think you can get a better price and terms.  

If it were my business, I might try to get them to let you buy 'parts' of the design without obligation to buy the rest of it.  If their proposals don't suit you, you should be able to quit using them before they are finished.  Kind of like a house design.  Just because it was drawn on paper doesn't (or shouldn't) mean you have to pay for it being built.
Agree with Dave, some of the proposal figures are ridiculous like Testing and Debugging/Project Management $16,200 - well hello? Are you not paying them to write this for you?
And jeez $27,000 discount
Having a bit more of a look through the proposal...
They are using Joomla, a free CMS system.
Many of the "benefits" they are including in the proposal are already part of that system.
If they are designing the theme for the website exclusively for you I would expect to pay around $2000-$3000 depending on the complexity of what you want - no more.
If you are wanting graphic design - hard to gauge, no more than maybe $1000

They are looking at nearly $50,000 for PHP development - cannot see any reasoning behind this since the framework is free and the extra plugins based on what they are offering you would maybe come to a few hundred dollars. Estimated 500 hours development time - that is 10 people working full time for a week - doing what? All the core code is already there! Any decent developer can throw a website together by himself in a week.

Training - well Joomla is meant to be easy to use by anyone, if you have any kind of web knowledge you should be able to pick it up quite quickly.

TBH - they are trying to rob you.

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StewartGilliganAuthor Commented:
thank you for the input :-)
Brandon LyonSenior Frontend DeveloperCommented:
That seems really expensive to me. Furthermore I doubt you need some of that stuff.

Lets put this in perspective: if you went with a freelancer, $55,000 would buy you an entire year of a single junior web developer's time, depending on location and experience.

In my opinion this could be done by that one person in about a month at most.
There initial cost of $80,000+ would buy you a website design business!
StewartGilliganAuthor Commented:
thank you
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