Reverse Proxy - How would the basics work in this scenerio and what software tools would be needed

I am working on a project that would require a website hosted on a windows 2003 server to look to users as coming from a different website hosted some where else. Example, the source "real" hosted page is at On a completely different webserver on a completely different network, there is a domain called If a user visits, they are really seeing a page hosted at, but the url in their browser shows are hosted on windows 2003 IIS currently with plans to host on windows 2012. is most likely linux.

I manage the windows 2003 web server.

If this is a reverse proxy, is the configuration of the reverse proxy entirely up to the linux web master at Would there be any issues with aspx pages in a reverse proxey of this nature?

Thanks for any basic information.
Mark BDirector ITAsked:
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apaches mod_proxy_http can work in many ways
1) It sends requests to backend like http://backend/application
2) It sends requests to named virtual host on backend like
3) It can also proxy SSL based on SNI
4) Or it can handle SSL encryption while backend is (1) or (2)

It can also cache static content (mod_cache_disk) or add cache hints (mod_expires) or compress files (mod_deflate) in all abovementioned cases. It really is up to you to weight benefits of offloading ssl and compression (both performance and regulatory compliance ways)

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Mark BDirector ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks, this was helpful direction.
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