cable modem configuration

I am experiencing problem with cable modem Huawei MT 130 . When I connect my laptop directly to cable modem . I get the IP address , , , but when i terminate this into WAN port on my wireless router , it does not give IP address to WAN port . WAN port is set as obtain IP address via DHCP .

Not sure if WAN port is not working or modem does not assign ip address to wAN, I also try set static IP it didnt ping that public IP address .

Any step I might be missing . internet service provider does not have any clue , they just say that you get public IP address and your internet is working fine .
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The best way (in my opinion) to hook up a cable modem is to put a router in front of (your side) of the cable modem. I think that it what you are doing.

Plug the WAN port of the router into the Ethernet Port of the cable modem. This should work and will give you a different internal IP address than the cable modem. This is not an issue at all.

If the connection does not work (no internet via the router), you may need to put your cable modem in bridge mode. Your ISP can (and should) help you with this.

Work with a wired Ethernet connection from the computer to the wireless router until you get it working. It is easier to troubleshoot one thing at a time.
annasadAuthor Commented:
Plug the WAN port of the router into the Ethernet Port of the cable modem. This should work and will give you a different internal IP address than the cable modem. This is not an issue at all. "

I did that , I have Cisco WRV210 small wireless router with 4 Ethernet and one WAN port .  and my cable modem is connected into WAN port of my router , but IP address is not assigned to my WAN port . then my laptop can not browse as my laptop is connected into LAN port but due to no public address assignment to my WAN, it does not work.

Also My Wireless Router is set as gateway, its pretty straight forward , I called ISP and they simply say that we have provided you internet with public IP addressing , you have to figure out yourself to sort this thing out .
Connect your laptop and obtain the IP Address.  Before you unplug the cable, release the IP Address.  Open a Command Prompt and type:

ipconfig /release

Now connect your wireless router.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Reset the modem (unplug and replug). Reset the Wireless router (unplug, replug) and then put it together.

Log into the Wireless modem and to the WAN setup. Set it for DHCP and see if it gets an address. It should.
annasadAuthor Commented:
( I am sitting in office) right now and not able to test but i already did following steps )  

Scenario 1

Modem --------> Laptop ( Obtain Automatically )

internet works with  public IP Address assignment , When I do ipconfig /all . I find public IP Addressing and DNS ,

Scenario 2

Modem --------> WAN(Router) LAN ---------------------> Laptop

Log into the router and see status , under  WAN interface , it does  not assign IP Address and shows

I am connected to Router LAN , and my local IP address is 192.168,1.100 , which its getting from router

What My Gud Feeling is , Modem Might bind the MAC address of the device and does not assign ip to another MAC , but my next test negates that thing to .  I have a  Jadoo TV device , Which works over internet . When I connect  JAdoo TV device directly to Modem , Modem gives another Dynemic Public IP Address to my Device and it works fine over internet .

One thing that you have suggested and I have not done is , Reset the Modem . I did reset my Wireless router though .

and perhaps when I reset the modem , It just can give IP address to My WAN port and I can use my local IP Address do to nating ( which is automatic in these small routers )
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You need to reset your cable modem for it to release your computer from it so you can attach your router. Leave your wireless modem disconnected.

Unplug it and leave it off for 1 minute. Then plug it back it and wait for 1 or 2 minutes for it to stabilize.

Now, plug in your wireless router (if it is unplugged), wait a minute, and connect the WAN port of the router to the cable modem.

Now you should have a connection.

If no, your modem may need to be put in bridge mode.

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annasadAuthor Commented:
i will do that . this is useful info . I will follow these things in sequence .

I brought that Cisco Box to just see if I can test WAN port of this router .
annasadAuthor Commented:
i was missing one important step and following those steps got it worked . Thanks
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@annasad  - Thanks for the update and I am glad you got it working. I was happy to help with the steps.
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