windows 2012 server possibly hacked or something failed on server can access under administrator account of windows 2003 member server

I have a windows 2012 Server that has possibly been hacked, the client hasn't performed a backup in a month.  Tonight you cant login to DC under any account and under the Windows 2003 member server I can log in and access info.  I have  copied over live necessary data.  Is there anyway I can reset the password on the dc for that 2003 box?
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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
You can open a MMC console and add computer management snap in. Then connect to Windows 2003 server from MMC console and change all local passwords.

Ensure you have only one or two accounts under domain admins group on Active Directory, then perform a massive password change (to all accounts).

Is there any error message when you are trying to login ?
Could it be that just clock is wrong in 2003 server or in 2012 server ?
So, the Server 2012 machine is the domain controller, and you cannot get logged on, correct?
Are you using a domain admin account to log on?  The account you're using must be granted the right to log onto a DC

The Server 2003 machine is a member server, and you can logon with a domain account, correct?
mberryazAuthor Commented:
It turns out, there was an error on the DC and it needed a simple reboot.  That error seemed to knock out AD and hence the other issues logging on with other admin or user accounts.  once server rebooted, all was good
Thanks for all the suggestions
I did use computer manager on the member server to connect (successfully) to the DC at could view the event log.
mberryazAuthor Commented:
connecting via computer manager is a useful tool, it has come in handy for many years, thank you for the suggestion
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