Extended Javascript - begginer

hi experts
I have this code

var submitHandler = function() {
	var ownrPnl = this.up('panel')[0], 
		tf      = this.ownerCt.query('#queryEditor')[0],
		query   = tf.getRawValue(),
	if (query.length < 1) {
			'The query editor cannot be left blank!',
		 	function() {
	else {
		items = Ext.ComponentQuery.query(query);
	if (items.length < 1) {
		if (console.warn) {
			console.warn('No items found using:', query);
	else {
		if (console.info) {
			console.info('found ' + query.length + ' items using query: ', query);
		Ext.each(items, function(item) {
			if (console.log) {
			item.rendered &&  item.el.fadeOut().fadeIn();

var bottomToolbar = {
	xtype : 'toolbar',
	dock  : 'bottom',
	items : [
			xtype  : 'textfield',
			itemId : 'queryEditor',
			flex   : 1
			text    : 'Submit query',
			handler : submitHandler

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I want to know what this code means
var ownrPnl = this.up('panel')[0],
            tf      = this.ownerCt.query('#queryEditor')[0],
            query   = tf.getRawValue(),
what is ownerCt ? and what is tf.el.frame('#F00'); ?
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Ivo StoykovCommented:

This is extJS library
> what is ownerCt ?
ownerCt : Ext.Container
This Component's owner Container (defaults to undefined, and is set automatically when this Component is added to a Container). Read-only.

> var ownrPnl = this.up('panel')[0],
Every component has an ownerCt property reference which is the Container or Component that holds the current Component. What the doc is saying is that .up() goes from ownerCt to ownerCt until 1) it finds a component that matches the parameter you passed, or 2) it gets to the topmost component in the hierarchy.

>tf      = this.ownerCt.query('#queryEditor')[0],
returns item with id=queryEditor - a EditorGrid Panel
> query   = tf.getRawValue(),

getRawValue( ) : String

Returns the raw String value of the field, without performing any normalization, conversion, or validation. Gets the current value of the input element if the field has been rendered, ignoring the value if it is the emptyText.

>and what is tf.el.frame('#F00');
this should be animation

generally it is a good idea to observe documentation

Ivo Stoykov

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royjaydAuthor Commented:
any help with my next question will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance.
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