dual book windows 8.1 with bit locker

I have a Dell M3800 Laptop with a 512GB SSD.

I want to install 2 instances of Windows 8.1 - the user would choose at boot up - and each would be protected by bit locker.

is this possible?


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I was interested and found out by trying.
You'll find it hard to believe, but it "just works".
Steps to reproduce, to do it just like me (I did it inside a hyper-v machine, so no tpm):
-add a hard drive with 40 GB, boot setup, create a 20 GB partition, install win8.1
-boot setup again, install a second win8.1 into another 20 GB partition.
-boot one of those, encrypt it, reboot
-when starting, select the OS you just encrypted and confirm that your password works, then restart
-boot the other OS by selecting F11 at the Bitlocker prompt, encrypt it using a different password of course, reboot. Done, both are bootable, one is the default option, the other is reachable via F11, Bitlocker works for both without any issues!

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jackbensonAuthor Commented:
Yes.. I tried it earlier.. Worked like a area

I used diskpart to remove the volume name of the os partition for the other instance.

I also used bcdedit to change the os names in the boot menu so it was easier to identify what instance you are booting into

Thanks for testing it out

jackbensonAuthor Commented:
Btw tpm was enabled
jackbensonAuthor Commented:
thanks for testing it out!
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