Update an excel spreadsheet from vbscript

Posted on 2014-08-27
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Last Modified: 2014-10-01
I am trying to write a vbscript that will open a spreadsheet, update values and then call a procedure.  This is what I have so far, but I am getting an error when attempting to write values to a specific sheet.  What am I missing?

Option Explicit
Const vbNormal = 1         ' window style

DIM wshShell, EnvVar, CurrentDefPrinter, ReportPrinter
'Create a new Windows Script Host Shell Object
Set wshShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
'Set it to read the env variables
Set EnvVar = wshShell.Environment("Process")
ReportPrinter = EnvVar.Item("AF11x17Printer")

DIM objXL, objWb, objWs, objR, objNet     ' Excel object variables
DIM file, st, gfuncs, installpath
file = "C:\REP_Reports\Report Design\WIKSWT_MON10.xls"

'--Start Excel and run it visibly
Set objXL = WScript.CreateObject("Excel.Application")
objXL.Visible = True
objXL.DisplayAlerts = true

'-- Open the file
Set objWb = objXl.WorkBooks.Open(file)

set objWs = objWb.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(4)
objWs.cells(24,3).Value = 0
objWs.cells(25,3).Value = "AUTO"
objXL.Run "AutoRunCTCalcs"

'--Close the workbook and Excel
objXL.ActiveWorkbook.Close False
Set objwb = Nothing
Set objXL = Nothing
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Try changing this
set objWs = objWb.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(4)
to this
set objWs = objWb.Worksheets(4)

You don't need ActiveWorkbook since you are already reference it with objWb


Author Comment

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That worked perfectly.  I can update values as needed, but the last line is still a problem.  I can't get it to call that procedure.  Should it be

objXL.Run "C:\REP_Reports\Report Design\WIKSWT_MON10.xls!AutoRunCTCalcs"
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Accepted Solution

RobSampson earned 2000 total points
ID: 40292917
You should be able to use
objXL.Run Mid(file, InStrRev(file, "\") + 1) & "!AutoRunCTCalcs"

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