Balance MONTHLY bandwidth between 2 connections

I have 2 Cox Cable connections @ 150Mbps each.  Each line has a 300GB/month bandwidth softcap.  I go over this all the time.  

I see several routers that will load balance 2 connections, but I do NOT see one that will balance the total bandwidth usage for the month or day.  Is there such a thing or a way to do this?

I have no cable TV service, just Netflix and Hulu and we stream quite a bit.  Right now I have to manually watch and when I go over one connection I plug in the other modem.  I am just looking for a way to automate this process so I don't have to monitor my usage and manually switch.
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
I found this, it's based on openwrt and has bandwidth quotas which look to do the limiting. However I can't tell if it will work for dual wan quotas as they seem to be up address based and ment for the LAN but it might work in reverse.

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dbestcomputersAuthor Commented:
Well I have to say you are the only person who has responded, and you found more than I did.  I could use 2 Gargoyle routers, one on each WAN, and hook that into my Dual WAN router I already have. That way when one connection goes over, it blocks all traffic, and my internal router should automatically re-route based on the only other available path to the internet.  This effectively creates the solution I am looking for.
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