Does class function exist

I'm trying to write a simple function in a class which will display debug information if the function doesn't exist. However I don't know how to specify $this->myfunction name. What I've been working on is:-

    class pageHandler {
        function showMain($arrayData) {
        function callFunction($functionName, $arrayData) {
            if (function_exists($functionName)) {
                call_user_func(array($this, $functionName),$arrayData);
            } else {
                echo "Function $functionName not yet declared<br/>" . print_r($arrayData,true);
    $newTest = new pageHandler();
    $newTest->callFunction("showMain",array('para1'=>'val1', 'para2'=>'val2'));

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Any ideas how I should be testing function_exists for a class?

Thank you
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Ray PaseurCommented:
If you're writing the class, you can write the functions.  You do not need to test to see if class methods exist.  All of that "function_exists()" stuff leads to the kind of spaghetti code that made WordPress such a mess for so many years.  We don't do that any more!

If you're still determined to complicate your life, I can hold my nose and point to this:

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tonelm54Author Commented:
I agree, however the reason I wanted to put the debug information bit in was to display what function Im missing. I need to quickly write a project, and there are a lot of functions I need to write, and as in the past few days its gone from a simple project to quite a massive one I know Im going to miss out functions, and instead of ugly errors I wanted to display a "nicer" message with the information in it.

I know usually I could get the IDE to display the error saying "function not declared", however as it will be multiple programs all feeding in (some I've got no documentation on) I wanted to simply my debugging
Ray PaseurCommented:
Yeah, I've had projects like that, too!  Best of luck with it, ~Ray
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