"Network Is too busy to play file at original quality" Mp4 Media Player

I am having a difficult time getting Media files to play on my Machine. They are Mp4 files but the video will not keep up with the sound at all. I noticed a little streaming logo pop up at the bottom and it says "Network Is too busy to play file at original quality" when you hover over it.
My environment ,I am working on a Hyper-V machine running from Windows server 2008 that is on a Domain ,but it is not the DC. The file will not even keep up when played directly from the server. It seems to  be all files not just the one either.

I have attached pic for reference.
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Are you getting a streamed video file or accessing a shared folder?
With windows media player? which version?
Do you have any codecs installed?
For mp4 support in WMP you should install Ffdshow and ac3 filter at least, or the K-light pack suitable for your OS.
There are four variants of the K-Lite Codec Pack:
Windows Media Video 9 High Quality
Windows Media Video 9 Standard Quality
HD Video 1080p: WMV 9,  9000kbps,   Audio: WMA Pro, 384kbps
HD Video   720p: WMV 9,  7000kbps,   Audio: WMA Pro, 384kbps

When mp4 was created that person had choices with the video stream speed as well,
WMP is not suitable for mp4? and ac3 audio
I'd suggest to you try an open source like VLC that can help fix sync audio problems.
it can also be used to stream
Quick Tip: how to fix out out-of-sync audio and subtitles in a video

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BSAS_ITGuyAuthor Commented:
As far as Version I didn't see how to tell that , but I am running Windows 7.It is not the videos them self because I viewed my co-worker playing them just fine. I may be missing a driver or something for the media player or Codec as you said.

Thanks Merete I will try a few of your suggestions and return to update.
Ok thank you, running WMP in windows 7 should be WMP 12
To find out open WMP then go the top Help  and then About
If you click on the Technical Support you will be given a web page with all the codecs installed
Here's mine, WMP should play mp4 fine so it could be the AC 3 audio to find out what is in these mp4 please install Gspot codec analyser drop an mp4 on it immediately shows the codecs used audio used and if you have the codecs installed
Please post back a screenshot/
ac3 filter
WMP codecs
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BSAS_ITGuyAuthor Commented:
Heres the screen shot you asked for of the Gspot and Media player version. I placed the file in Gspot but I didn't know anything else to do with it.Gspot and Media player
BSAS_ITGuyAuthor Commented:
Although I would like to fix the WMP to play the files correctly, but the VLC Media player is working flawless. So I will go with it for now. Thank you!
I would like to leave my question open just one more day to see if you can tell me how to fix my Windows Media Player.
Sorre didnt see you see your screenshot till I had this.The fact you have video in WMP 12 but lag that is WMP trying to render the audio. I'd say it is the audio is your problem. If mp3 was the audio you wouldn't have any lag. As it is it could be ac3 or mp4a
When you use the Gspot codec analyser with your mp4 it produces a results that shows if you have codecs installed.
If it is codecs missing the explanation as to why WMP audio is out of sync basically it's Microsoft product crap  it cant render the render the ac3 audio if that is what is in the mp4.
So installing codecs will assist WMP to render these mp4.
VLC and media player classic -be http://sourceforge.net/projects/mpcbe/
are both open source based on the codecs inbuilt ffdshow.
WMP is owned by microsoft his player is built on WMV and WMA codecs but since windows 7, basically  MS pays for the rights to imbed /use spevific codecs from other companies such as mpeg and divx avi
But they don't support mp4 and ac3 fully yet,
ike in XP even windows 7 still requires a little assistance to use these video formats in Microsoft Windows Player 12
mp4 HD on Gspot
Looks as if we have the same quality and mp4 type. Same audio. My movie 1080 p HD mp4
What is the source for your video BSAS_ITGuy on your HDD on a mapped drive in a network shared?
I don't normally use WMP but use MPC-be as my default for video.
And winamp for Audio. In WMP assign this mp4 format to the files types, go to start all programs default program.
check your performance settings rightclick screentesting my movie in WMP 12 has no problems with sync
windows 7 x 32 everything up to date codecs installed ffdshow and ac3 filter plus a few from cyberlink.
File types supported by Windows Media Player<< shows mp4 and ac3 etc but truly you need codecs.
Insure your audio drivers are up to date from teh manufacturer or windows updates optional, your video card is up to date from manufacture
Install the two codecs I provided above and then test again in WMP
BSAS_ITGuyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your prompt help and knowledge but I guess I will let the MP4 in WMP rest. LOL You have given me 2 alternates in which the VLC Player I like the most. Maybe a windows update will come down and give me the fix I need but for now, I can at least continue with my training. Thanks for your promptness and suggestions.
BSAS_ITGuyAuthor Commented:
Excellent help.
Thank you ..
Always happy to help out.
Remember if you have sync issues in VLC go to tools sync and during playback adjust the delay until the video is showing the talking with the video, its great to be able to do this while playing.
delay track during play for sync
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