Lan works but no internet via Server 2003

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I have a client that is having internet problems, or lack thereof.  He is using Windows Server 2003 as their DHCP server.  When I am on the server itself, I can access network resources, but I cannot access the internet.  On a laptop, ONLY if I plug in the router's gateway ip into the dns settings of my internet connection, I can get to the internet fine, but even with these settings on the server, still no internet.  Is there a setting on the server that I'm missing?  Some configuration somewhere?  All of his desktops are connected to the server and thus, none of them can access the internet, but local area network data works.  What am I missing?
Brent JohnsonAsked:
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There are quite a few things to check here:

1.  What is the IP Address / Subnet of the server?  Ex: /
2.  What is the IP Address / Subnet of the workstation that works once you plug in the DNS Settings?
3.  Do the Subnet Masks match?
4.  Can both the server and workstation ping the router's gateway ip?
5.  Go to a command prompt and type "route print".  The first entry should be something like and the Gateway should match your router's ip address.
6.  Log into the router / firewall and ensure there are no rules in place to block internet traffic from the server.
7.  Check the subnet mask on the firewall / router and ensure it matches that on the workstation / server (assuming they were both the same).
8.  Is there any third party software on the server providing security such as AV / firewall

I am guessing it is a mismatch in the subnet mask of the firewall / router and internal systems or a rule that is blocking the traffic.  Secondly would be third party firewall / av software causing a problem.

Do the above - particularly the ping tests and let us know what the results are.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
Check to make sure the DNS is working and that you  have a valid internet connection
Chewe ChilesheHead OperationsCommented:
Please check the following:
* Do you have no internet, or no access via FQDN's meaning DNS is not working correctly
* If it appears it is DNS, does the server have access to external DNS servers and have these been configured correctly as forwarders in the DNS setting for the server?
I am waiting to hear back as to the results of what I suggested earlier.  To the other comments, it appears the OP has internet as the other systems have access.  Additionally it is stated that the OP tried using the same DNS settings for the server that work on the workstations, thereby indicating the DNS servers are valid.

We will be able to assist more once you provide the requested information above.

Additionally you can try to ping just the IP of any outside server (something like which is Google's DNS server usually is up and working. to confirm that your system has internet connectivity.  As stated before, if the server and the workstations have the same settings, but the server is not working, then I would next check the firewall.

You can also try these items:

1. Double check the server's default gateway IP Address (sometimes it really is that simple).
2.  Disable / Reneable the NIC (sometimes something causes the NIC to flake out and this will sort of reset it)
3.  Temporarily change the IP on the server (last resort) to the same as a working workstation (obviously shutdown the workstation first) and see if it works. Alternatively you can take the server offline and plug the IP information of the server into a workstation and see if it works.  Either way this will tell if it is tied to the IP you are using.  If so, then I would again suspect a problem at the router / firewall.

Let us know the results and I am sure with this additional information it should be a quick fix.
Brent JohnsonAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone!
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