How do I correct a Domain AD User Account that Appears to be Corrupted

I have a client that I am moving from Windows XP  to a Windows 7 computer. The client has been working fine on the old  Windows XP computer, no problems reported. I logged in on the Windows 7 computer with the user's AD  login account and created a profile. I then set up the Outlook account, which is Outlook 2010. I also put some shortcut links on the desktop. I copied the users MY Documents folders and files  I  logged off the user and logged in as Administrator, when I logged  back on as the original login,  Outlook was not set up and no desktop shortcuts, except for ALL USER desktop icons and the MY DOC folders and files are gone. In fact it created a new profile, In USERS instead of username - it shows username.XXXX and the original username profile has nothing in it, but an appdata folder, everything else is gone.  Each time it creates a new profile.  I logged the user into another Windows 7 PC, fresh load, I did not copy files this time, but logged off and on and the same thing happened.  The original login profile  has only APPSdata folder and a new profile was created.
 I can login as other user login accounts  on the same computers and this does not happen. Only with the one AD login account.
I then logged onto a Windows XP computer with the problem login account and logged off.  When I logged in as Administrator and went to C:/Documents and Settings, that login profile does not appear, but I had just logged off.  
Strangely, you can still login and logoff on the original Windows XP computer and everything comes back correctly, desktop, MY Documents and all.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Certainly sounds like a corrupted profile on the server. On the xp machine is the profile local or roaming? Delete the server profile. Remove profile from AD. Why not try the Migration Wizard? If you do use the Win 7 version. Make sure its 32/64 bit version of the xp machine. Run mig wiz on the xp mach. Only copy his profile. Go to a win7 mach, run mig wiz and install his profile. After you do the Mig Wiz log the user on to the Win 7 mach and then recreate the profile.
web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
If the users is on a domain I would remove the computer as well off the domain, when you rejoin the domain the computer should automatically be added back to the domain.
desmurAuthor Commented:
Thank for the replies.  On the XP machine the profile is local.  What do you mean by delete the server profile? Are you speaking of deleting the profile in AD and recreating?  Can I delete the profile on AD and then recreate using the same user logon name and email address?

desmurAuthor Commented:
I went ahead created a  new   user account in AD and deleted the old user account. Copied the files and attached the old email address to the new profile. All is well.

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desmurAuthor Commented:
This was the quickest solution to get the client up and working.
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