Reverse Lookup Zone - issue

I have 2 DNS servers, both Windows 2008 R2 servers. One is the primary and one is the secondary. My network IP range is 10.x.x.x. I created my forward lookup zone and it started populating with workstation. I had to manually create a reverse lookup zone called It populated with the Name Server (NS) and and thats it. When I go to the forwarding lookup zone and try to check the box "Update associated pointer (PTR) record" I get the following message...

Warning: The Associated pointer (PTR) record cannot be created, probably because the reference reverse lookup zone cannot be found"

Any ideas?
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Ensure that reverse lookup zone is set with allow secure dynamic updates and it is replicated to all domain controllers in domain
Vaseem MohammedCommented:
Does the PTR record for Host(A) record exist in Reverse lookup zone?
The Host(A) record was created manually or by the computer account?
Try to run ipconfig /registerdns from the client PC and see if the PTR gets created.
clynch302Author Commented:
Mahesh - Yes it is set up that way.

Vaseem - There are no PTR records. The Host(A) was created by the computer account. I did an ipconfig /registerdns on all machines on the network.
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clynch302Author Commented:
I just figured out my bonehead mistake. My DHCP clients are on 10.10.1.x and 10.10.2.x. The reverse lookup zone was set at When I created the zone for 10.10.1.x it started to populate.

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Vaseem MohammedCommented:
:-) good luck
clynch302Author Commented:
I was able to figure it out on my own...
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