wrapper script for VI

I sometimes type something bad or want to put a file back the way it was before I "improved' it.

I want to put an alias in .bashrc that would backup a file to /root/bk before I edit the file with VI.

the script should copy the named myfile to /root/bk/myfile.YearMonthDayHour and then open it with vi.

Software can not be installed for this, I would like It to be something I can use on any system.

This is for redhat Linux 5.0, vi and bash.
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There is etckeeper package available from EPEL repository that does version control on /etc/
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
Great idea Gheist except ... I can not do that.

adding software is an big no no.
This is what i use to save the file in a directory defined by $SAVEDIR
will put date and time at the end of the filename

in home directory, add to .bash_profile
  alias vi='$HOME/bin/myvi'

contents of $HOME/bin/myvi:

# cp $1 file to $SAVEDIR with the time/date extensions
# only the file, not the subdirectory it is in
if [ -e "$1" ]
    cp -p "$1" $SAVEDIR/$NameOfFile`date +%y%m%d%H%M%S`
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another option:
I use vim instead of vi
in $HOME/.vimrc  add
:set backup

this will create filename~ of the file just before the change

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etckeeper is a script. Extract from rpm and save in /tmp or any other unsafe place.
TIMFOX123Author Commented:
this is just what need

thank you all for your input
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