looking for document management software

I am looking for powerfull document management software. I have seen m-files, opentext, ibm filenet, but still needing more feedback from people who has been using some of these software or any other that may recommend me.

we need on premise version not authorized to use cloud solutions.

the software will be used to store and query pdf, doc, xls, csv, txt, xml jpg, files.
best regards

smile be brave
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Alfresco is amazing (Java) www.alfresco.com/fr

Projetsend (PHP)   with less feature www.projectsend.org/
(no version control)

Projectpier (PHP) www.projectpier.org/

Some time I use Mantis (PHP bug tracker) www.mantisbt.org because I like a audit trace that can be kept and version control you can adapt fields with custom fields
Hi Smile Be Brave,

Analyzing the description of the scenario you made I can tell you that almost any Document Management solution will help you, from Laserfiche to Sharepoint, Including Documentum, Alfresco, FileNet and others; in order to give you a good recommendation it will be helpful if you answer the following questions:

Will the documents be modified or will they be just there for viewing?
How many users will be consulting the documents?
Are these users in the same office or are they in different locations?
Do you need any of these features?:
- version control
- search based on content
- search based on attributes (name, author, keywords)
- access via Web
- access via cellphone or tablets
- office integration
- workflow
- adding comments or notes on the images
- documents organized on folders
- integration between the repository and some business application like SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.
- scanning documents into the repository
- transforming documents from various formats to PDF
And, probably the most important one, what is your budget for the tool?
Hi sorry just remove the /fr from www.alfresco.com/fr otherwise you will get the french version page ;)

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Chris Raisin(Retired Analyst/Programmer)Commented:
I think one of the the best I have seen is Paperport, but there is also an excellent program called "X1" which actually (as well as storing data on all docuemtns, actually indexes them all, so you can search for adocument that contains certin words/phrases and it will locate it advise full detals...it is extrememly fast and was a great buy. Checvk out the sites for these products, especially "X1"


Chris - Melbourne
smilebebraveAuthor Commented:
please find below additional information:
1 the documents will be just there for viewing
2 about 10 users will be accesing documents for viewing, printing, email, etc
3 we have two groups of user located same country different cities
4 version control is not a must
5 search based on content is required
6 search based on attributes is required
7 access via web is not required
8 access via cell phone or tablet is not required
9 workflow is not required
10 adding comments or notes is not required
11 we need documens organized on folders
12 we need integration between the repository and some c# applications
13 we need scanning documents into the repository
14 transforming documents from various formats to PDf is no required
15 Our budget: ranging from 50k to 70k usd
Chris Raisin(Retired Analyst/Programmer)Commented:
Yes, I think X1 is the go.
Chris Raisin(Retired Analyst/Programmer)Commented:
Have a look at this video:

smilebebraveAuthor Commented:
x1 seems to be good choice for the search engine. What about securely storing the document into a database?

Would some of you please give some advice about choosing opentext, ibm filenet, hyland software or any other solution listed on gartner magic quadrant?

best regards
smile be brave
Chris Raisin(Retired Analyst/Programmer)Commented:
Have you considered using the Cloud rather than local/remote storage?
smilebebraveAuthor Commented:
because of internal policies we need a solution that can handle our information on local storage.
Chris Raisin(Retired Analyst/Programmer)Commented:
OK, well X1 will work well with your local storage. My two suggestions (in order of preference) for Document Management are:
      1. M-Files DMS   (4 minute video to review it)
      2. Paperpoint Professional   Link to Powerpoint at Nuance.com

If you select M-Files DMS then perhaps X1 is unnecessary (make a decision based on the video) , but I would suggest that if you select Paperpoint Professional (which I have) that you then use X1 as well, since they work well togather (I also own X1)

I hope this helps your decision.

Chris (craisin) - (Melbourne, Australia)
Here is some information about ECM platforms on Gartner magic quadrant:

Documentum: it is a very a robust and powerful platform, but may require a good amount of professional services depending on your needs,  its new web client D2 is very easy to use, it also has mobile clients, a Windows Explorer integration and even a integration with Syncplicity the Dropbox-like product of EMC. Documentum is designed to work in big enterprises distributed all over the world, therefore it can be very expensive. One of the Documentum's founder later created Alfresco, for that reason you will find some similarities in the core functionality.

IBM FileNet: another robust and powerful platform that, from my personal experience, will require even more professional services than Documentum, it is also as expensive as Documentum is but, if you are already an IBM customer, you can get a very good discount and you will not need additional DB and Application server licensing because FileNet comes with DB2 and WebSphere. FileNet has also a new Web interface based on HTML5 that will allow you to browse other ECM repositories through the CMIS standard on your PC, tablet or cellphone.

Perceptive SW: this platform is growing very fast and have very cool features, the most important one is the ability to integrate with virtually any application (like SAP, Peoplesoft, Web Applications, even terminal applications) without coding or modifying these applications to provide content search and retrieval with just one click, I know it sounds like magic, but trust me, I've done it. On the down side, Perceptive was created as a department solution and lacks of features that will make it difficult to implement in an Enterprise scenario, for instance, in order to support the integration described you need to install a client in the user's computer, its Web Client is not as powerful and Perceptive does not support open standards like CMIS. It is expensive, but if you are already a Lexmark customer you can get a good deal.
Chris Raisin(Retired Analyst/Programmer)Commented:
Well, which way did you finally go?
(If you leave a note it may help others who read this thread).

Thanks for the points  :-)

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