Crystal Enterprise - Linking of reports

Hi All,
I have a question on linking the Crystal Reports to Crystal Reports through OpenDocument function.
These two reports are developed by using Crystal Enterprise product.

On click of the Product_ID on the main report, I need to open a new crystal report which provides the detail information of that particular product id.

Please let me know procedure for linking the reports.

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I haven't used Crystal Enterprise, so there may be another way to handle this, but in a regular report, you could use an on-demand subreport.  Create a subreport that produces the detail that you're looking for and link the Product_ID in the main report to the subreport.  Put the subreport where the Product_ID field is and go into the subreport format options and check the on-demand subreport option.  Then if someone clicks on the Product_ID field, which also clicks on the subreport, the subreport will open in a new window.

We use our own portal and use Report Launcher, but I believe the method of calling OpenDocument is similar.

            + '&Param1=' + {SomeField},"#")&Param2={SomeField}&Start_Date=Date(ToText({@DateOverdue-OpenStart},"yyyy,MM,dd")

Open in new window

More parameters can be added by starting with &ParameterName=Value/Field

You put this in the formula for the hyperlink on the format screen for the linking field.

If you need help for a specific parameter type just ask

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reachsomaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your response.

There is a slight change in the Crystal version, at present we use Crystal Reports 2011 with BEx queries as a data source.

We would like to call detailed Crystal Report which is resides in the same BO Repository. Based on the click on selected field (GL_Account) from this main report, a new window with detail report needs to open by passing parameters like (GL_Account, Business_Area) etc.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this.

Have you considered using an ONDEMAND subreport?

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