Network Switches -- connecting two "nonStackable" switches ?

How can I do the below #2 or do
I need to purchase "Stackable" switches ?
 1. have one 24 port dell 2824
    "nonStackable" switch which
    is full
 2. want to add another 24 port
    "nonStackable" switch to it via
    UPLINK, CROSSOVER cable, etc
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The problem is that whether you use copper or fibre, all the traffic between the switches will be passing through a single port, unless you use the LAG feature to spread the load. If you use LAG then you can dedicate, say, two ports on each switch to handle the inter-switch traffic so that such traffic is effectively using a 2GB link.

If you want more ports and you can't stack these switches then your only other option is to buy a bigger switch, making sure it's stackable so that you don't trip up over this in the future.

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Connecting switches together with a single cross-over cable will work.  You'll need to free up a port (port 1 or 24 for simplicity sake).  Connect a PC to the new switch and verify network connectivity.
Soufiane Adil, Ph.DIT, Network Architect - CCNP/CCDPCommented:
Both switches must be in transparent mode and the link between them must be a trunk.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Stacking switches together should not be hard to do but there are sone items to consider:

1. What is the total projected number of Pc's  you expect to connect in your network?
2. It night be cleaner and easier to replace the non-stackable switch with one or more identical stackable switches so they work properly together and they have the same capacity and speed.  Is that an option?
3. Does anyone manage the network that would be configuring the switches if they were Managed Switches?
4. What type and speed of internet connection do you have coming into the facility?

Please respond with as much information as you have and I will try and assist.
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