Limit a string to a specific substring

I have a function that iterates through rows of a cursor.

Each row of the cursor is a comma delimited set of string valaues.

"Name1, Name2, Name3, Name4"
"Name1, Name2"
"Name1, Name2, Name3"

I need to iterate through the rows as follows:

Most of this in in pseudocode.

intCommaCount := 0;
FOR cur_rec in CUR_CURSOR
        select cur_rec.PL into strLetterNameGroup from dual;
           -- count the number of commas as intCommaCount
           if intCommaCount >=3  --"Name1, Name2, Name3, Name4" ;
                      --strLetterNamesGroup needs to be "Name1, Name2, Name3 ;
                     -- extract the substring only to the character to the left of the 3rd comma
           end if
      end loop;

  return strLetterNameGroup ;
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select rtrim(regexp_substr(pl,'^([^,]+,?){1,3}'),',') from yourtable
select SUBSTR(str, 1,INSTR(str,',', 1, 3) -1) from table;
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
The SUBSTR/INSTR solution will not work if there are 3 or less elements in the list.  If you want that solution to work with lists of 3 or less, then you need to account for the INSTR returning 0 in that case.  Something like this:

SELECT Substr(col1, 1, CASE 
                         WHEN Instr(col1, ',', 1, 3) > 0 THEN 
                         Instr(col1, ',', 1, 3) - 1 
                         ELSE Length(col1) 
FROM   mytab; 

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I just re-write this way:

SELECT CASE WHEN Instr(col1, ',', 1, 3) > 0 THEN
                              Substr(col1, 1, Instr(col1, ',', 1, 3) - 1)
                         ELSE col1
FROM   mytab;

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DovbermanAuthor Commented:
All solutions are excellent.  This will increase my knowledge of PL/SQL.

Thank you.
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