replace a whole word in vba

I have a table that has a column called lookfor it has string type.

I have another table with a string field made of words.

If i find tableA.lookfor in the table2 field I want to remove the whole word in table 2. for example

look for value "323"
table 2 string =3 SERIES SALOON 323i 4dr

323i would be replaced by nothing ""

not sure how to achieve that.

I have two recordsets so can get to the data:


Private Sub BtnRemoveModelData_Click()
Dim Db As DAO.Database
Set Db = CurrentDb()
Dim RstAutoRange As DAO.Recordset
Set RstAutoRange = Db.OpenRecordset("TblProcess")

Dim RstWordGroups As DAO.Recordset
Set RstWordGroups = Db.OpenRecordset("ClientWordGroups")
Dim ClientWords As Variant
 Dim x As Long
Dim WordToRemove As String

DoCmd.SetWarnings False

With RstAutoRange

    countrecords = .RecordCount

 'cycle through the recordset
    Do Until RstAutoRange.EOF

        With RstWordGroups
            Do Until RstWordGroups.EOF
                If (InStr(RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value, RstAutoRange.Fields("LookFor").Value) <> 0) And (RstWordGroups.Fields("MarqueAlias").Value = RstAutoRange.Fields("Marque").Value) Then
                'not found
                End If
        End With

End With

End Sub


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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Maybe I'm missing something - have you thought about using the vba Replace function?

PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
yes I did that first, but i want to eliminate the whole word so if i say find 325 but the word in the string to search has 325st how do i replace the 325st as a whole and not just the substring.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If it's a "word" then it's surrounded by spaces.

replace " 325 " with " something "

MAYBE you next a couple replaces to cover " 325, " and " 325. "
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PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
if i did replace("my string 325st","325","") i would get

"my string st"

what I would like is:
"my string"
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I see your issue now.

I would suggest looking over the solution here:

It appears you will have to use a RegEx expression in your replacing.
Try this function:
Function CustomRemove(strInput As String, strSearch As String) As String

    Dim strArray() As String
    Dim i As Long
    Dim strTemp As String

    strArray = Split(strInput, " ")

    For i = LBound(strArray) To UBound(strArray)
        If InStr(1, strArray(i), strSearch) > 0 Then
            strArray(i) = ""
        End If
        strTemp = strTemp & strArray(i) & " "
    CustomRemove = Replace(strTemp, "  ", " ")
End Function

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Sample usage:
msgbox CustomRemove("3 SERIES SALOON 323i 4dr","323")

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PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
went with this function as it was small and efficient and I can call it when needed.
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