OWA redirecting to another user on IE

We have a user who when he logs into his home pc to our OWA site, automatically connects to another user within the domain. His email does not come up at all. Doesn't happen when he logs into Chrome. He has no permissions to other user's mailbox either as a delegate in Outlook or via Exchange. He can send emails as if he is her; not Send As.

Has anyone ever seen this behavior? As far as I know, this is only happening with these 2 folks. No one else has ever reported an issue like this.
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joshsarmymomAuthor Commented:
Having her reset her network password, getting him to clear out his IE cache and passwords then shutting down and restarting fixed the issue with her email showing up. However, still no answer as to HOW this happened. Does anyone have any clues at all at where to look? As I stated before, no permissions were ever granted.
Mohammed TahirMicrosoft Exchange and O365 AdministratorCommented:
If he is facing issue only on IE not in chrome, its mean her credential (whose account is getting logged automatically) is saved (cached) in Internet Explorer. Clear the below things from IE and check.

1- Temporary internet files
2- Cookies and websites data
3- History
4- Password


-- Change the credential of another user.

joshsarmymomAuthor Commented:
I will try that but the other question is HOW this could've happened if he never had rights to her mailbox? We are unable to recreate the issue on his work laptop which tells us it's not a permission issue but as you say a cache issue but is there any way to determine if it's happening elsewhere and avoid this in the future?
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joshsarmymomAuthor Commented:
This is the closest thing found so far. Similar but nothing different with the email addressing:  http://forums.msexchange.org/OWA_showing_wrong_users_mailbox/m_170170700/tm.htm
joshsarmymomAuthor Commented:
I was wondering if anyone has any notion as to how this might happen? Exchange 2007 sp3, Outlook 2010, OWA on IE (for this particular customer)
joshsarmymomAuthor Commented:
Seemed to be the most obvious decision first off.
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