Cisco Wireless 5508 HA/Redundancy

Hello EE,

I have 2 5508 controllers both with 25 AP licenses and the APs are configured on the HA tab to point to Controller 1 and then line 2 is Controller 2.  I am wondering what this offers me for protections if one of my controllers goes down?

I was looking at a document on configuring for HA (version 7.3) and I don't have redundancy currently configured or a cable between the 2 units.  I am not sure about this because I understand I would need to do these things:
1. Connect cable (Ethernet for RP)
2. Configure Redundancy Primary IP and Secondary IP as well as enable SSO.
3. However I am confused on the licensing as it says I need:
          A. ONE WLC AP count license and other HA sku (I am pretty sure given my config this isn't
          B. Both with valid AP counts however I'd need 50 licenses on both APs?  
          C. One WLC has an Evaluation and the other HA SKU (this is not me)

Any guidance would be great!
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Craig BeckCommented:
First things first, don't bother with HA if you're running 7.3.  My advice is go to

If you don't have a WLC which has the HA SKU you can't convert it to HA secondary unless you install a minimum of 50 AP licenses on it.  You can configure one WLC as the Primary HA, but the other box won't do SSO.

Basically you need to add 25 AP licenses to the WLC which you want to be the HA secondary.
operationsITAuthor Commented:
If I go to 7.6 and have 25 licenses on each of the 2 Controllers do I need to buy 25 more for each or how does that work?
I currently have HA setup on the AP tab and am wondering the benefit of HA as this will look for the second controller if the primary goes down.
Craig BeckCommented:
There's HA SSO which is proper sub-second failover with stateful switchover or there is HA in the old sense (either N+1 or via the AP -> High Availability tab).

For SSO you have to license the box you want to be the HA failover unit with at least 50 APs if it wasn't ordered using the HA SKU.  You don't need to do this on the primary box though.

For N+1 you just configure the WLCs exactly the same but you don't need licenses on the +1 box which acts as the backup.  Tell the primary box to use the +1 as the backup and when the primary fails the +1 box just adopts the primary role (with a 500 AP license count) for 90 days.

If you just use the AP -> High Availability tab you need to license the secondary WLC.  You may choose to only partially license the second WLC so you'd need to set failover priorities for APs as they would all try to join the secondary if the primary died.

You must configure mobility between WLCs when you don't use HA SSO.

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