wordpress if / else for custom fields

Hello, I have a set of custom fields which are not always populated. I need to display them if populated and either display nothing or display a message if they are not.

This is the code to display the fields on the page.

 <h6><span>By: </span><?php yyy_authors(); ?>. <span>Updated on:</span> <?php yyy_date_updated(); ?>. <span>Document type:</span> <?php the_field('document_type'); ?></h6>

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So for the sake of figuring this out I'd like it to display the word 'unkown' if any of the fields are empty.

I know I need to be using an if / else but not sure how so can anyone please point me in the direction?

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You're using ACF? :)
I'm assuming so because of the call to the function the_field(), the_field() returns false if no value is set.

$document_type = get_field('document_type');
if  ($document_type) {
  echo $document_type;
} else {
  echo 'unknown';

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igloobobAuthor Commented:
Hi it's actually using ACF for one of the fields but a different plugin for the other two (it's a private plugin pulling documents from external sources that I was supplied with as part of the job).

<?php yyy_authors(); ?>
<?php yyy_date_updated(); ?>

are the ones from the other plugin.

I tried your code above but it just returns 'unknown'
Unfortunately, I don't know what that other plugin is by looking at those two functions, I have never encountered them before.

ACF is completely documented here: http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/

For example, i swapped the function you were using "the_field()" that outputs the value stored in the field with the function "get_field()" that returns the value so that you can use/test it before display.

It appears that these other two functions from the other plugin are also display functions. You need to find out if they have equivalent "get" type functions, use those functions and then test your values before displaying them. Your best hope at finding out what to replace those functions with is the plugin documentation, if there is any.

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igloobobAuthor Commented:
hi sorry for the delay, I've been on other jobs.

I spoke to the developer and he set it up to include get functions for the fields, it's a custom plugin that's still in development.

Thanks for the advice on that.
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