Data refresh

What setting would you suggest is ideal for ODBC refresh interval.

I have an app that works on three machines but will not connect to the data on the server with the 4th.

Works great with the data on the local drive?

It tries to connect and just hangs there.  I wondered is a 3 minute refresh ODBC was inaprpriate

Update retry is set to 250 msecs
Derek BrownMDAsked:
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I think we need to know more about the data source.  What is it and is it located on your LAN or are you trying to connect over the internet?
Derek BrownMDAuthor Commented:

This is just a regular internal server connecting directly with each PC over a LAN. Data source is Access .mdb file just split from the main program
If the data source is Jet, you are not using ODBC and so changing the refresh interval will not do anything.

Access allows up to 255 concurrent connections to a database so 4 should not present a problem.  I would look at the permissions for the fourth user to make sure that he has CRUD permission on the folder containing the BE.
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Derek BrownMDAuthor Commented:
Will test Thank you.
Derek BrownMDAuthor Commented:
I have passed this info to the IT department of the customer.

For future reference what are CRUD permissions by the way and how do you find out?
Create, Read, Update, Delete.  These are DOS file permissions and are set by your network support group for shared folders on network drives.

Read and Update are obvious.  Without them being set, the user would not be able to view or change data.
Create and Delete are needed because of the way Access manages the sharing of a database.  When a database is opened by the first person, Access creates a lock file - hence the need for Create permissions.  If Access cannot create the lock file in the directory of the BE, it will still open the database but it will open it in exclusive mode so that others cannot share it.  They will be forced to open as read only.  The Delete permission is needed so that when the last person closes the database, Access can clean up after itself and delete the lock file.

You can watch the lock file being opened and closed by opening a windows folder and keeping it visible while you open the database.  You'll see the lock file being created when you open the database and then deleted when you close it.  These are typically the problem settings because unless your network admin understands how Access works, he may not automatically assign these permissions to your user group.

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