My God...using Windows 7 PRO 64 bit. Google Chrome 64 bit hosed by system. Add the KB2993651 update and itunes 11.3.1

Hey everyone,

My group and I have installed thousands of Win7 Pro 64 bit pcs. Our systems are STABLE except now. We installed the new chrome 64 bit. Received an error, see attachment. Then it installed. My most solid pc crashed almost immediately.  

I know chrome is the fastest browser but do you know, and I hope you know, how intrusive chrome is? Check out some of its registry settings (example shown.) I know Google chrome has a lot of registry settings and Google will do whatever it takes to protect it collections of our data. Very clever how it archives our browsing habits to always have it handy and googleupdate launches to send the info to Google...I see it. Using Wireshark.

Ok, I installed the update from Microsoft. PC was ok for several hours. I installed Itunes, PC was ok (not crashing) for several hours.

I installed Chrome 64 bit...immediate blue screen upon waking the laptop from sleep mode. My wireless disconnected. The PC performed extremely sluggishly (very fast SSD pc.) Blue screen 0x0000009F (never had this before in one year on this SSD based PC.) Removed Itunes, still sluggish. Did not remove the update, too difficult. Removed Chrome 64 bit...voila. I could not just uninstall Chrome 64 bit for Windows 7, we had to hand delete every Google setting in the registry and every file and folder on the hard drive. Restarted several times and now without!!! the 64 bit version, everything is fast again.

Chrome 64 bit is a disaster.

Had to re-install the 32 bit Chrome.

What is going on?

Any suggestion on NOT using Chrome?
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Well, it appears your PC and Chrome 64 bit don't like each other. ;-)

And you have the solution: Use 32 bit Chrome.

But, since you are not happy with Google's 'snooping', why not ditch Chrome altogether and start using Opera.  :-)

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dronethoughtAuthor Commented:

Opera is great! But how secure (?) is it?

Yup, 32 bit chrome is working. Also, I did this

Removed an update that Microsoft recommended to do but with Automatic Updates, the old update  is not removed. Everything is moving again on my pc.
January 28, 2009 article on Opera (Opera 6.20?).  :-(  Now, irrelevant. Don't you think?  ;-)
dronethoughtAuthor Commented:
Yeah...I will give it a shot.
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