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We have a small business (6 users) with an 85Mpbs Internet connection. Once in a while everything goes very slow when trying to access websites. It's not permanent...The Sonicwall TZ 215 analyzer doesn't show a large amount of traffic. The virus scanning is disabled for troubleshooting purposes but everything is still very slow. Could the firewall mess with the connection, like deep packet analyzer or something else like that?

Thank you for your help!
Alan DalaITAsked:
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Alan DalaITAuthor Commented:
I know this is a broad subject and there is really no silver bullet for these kind of issues. I'm just looking for ideas for troubleshooting. For example, I did the online test for bandwidth and it comes back with the 85Mbps...The firewall has Gateway antivirus, IPS, Anti-Spyware and Filter Content enabled....
J NUnicorn wranglerCommented:
@Dala is correct.
1 - Internet can be slow from time to time.
2 - Pages are create by different people and can load at different rates
3 - there maybe hidden system processes such as updates that are scheduled during inconveient times
4 - the bandwidth could be shares among multiple people in your area ( more people using the services at a specific time would cause it to be slower)
5 - computer settings could be restricting the speed (AV is bad at this but having it disabled should eliminate the potential for AV causing the problem)
6 - the service provider is poor or onconsistent

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Alan DalaITAuthor Commented:
The services on Sonicwall can slow down the connection significantly. As soon as we take those services out, the speed gets back up there again.
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