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Round date difference to nearest single decimal

I have this formula:

Me.txtCurrentLifeOfAsset = Int(([txtDateInventoryPerformed] - [txtDateofPurchase]) / 365.25)

Which calculates the difference between two dates in whole years.  For example 6/1/2014 - 3/1/2009 is giving me 5.0 years.  But I want it to show the decimal.  In other words 5.2

What do I have to change in the formula to make this possible?
1 Solution
Use the Round() function, like this:

Me.txtCurrentLifeOfAsset = Round(([txtDateInventoryPerformed] - [txtDateofPurchase]) / 365.25, 1)

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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
If you don't need a high precision, this will do:

DecimalYears = CDbl(Format(DateDiff("d", datFrom, datTo) / 365, "0.0"))


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