Smtp sending limits

I need to understand something:

My provider is limiting emails at 500/hour :: 10000 per day. That's fine and assumes that I use the provider smtp server. I am a business class customer so I have a STATIC IP.

Now suppose I register a domain: -- and point that  MX record to MY Email server.

Now that I am using MY email server to send out the emails does that mean NO limits? (Except of course if I abuse the system and send SPAM or UNWANTED emails etc?

So to sum: Using MY SMTP server --- on the provider STATIC IP - I can send as many emails as I want an hour (say 1000) and no limit. Is that correct?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
As long as you aren't using your ISP as a smart host, you can send as many emails as you like.

Starquest321Author Commented:
Can you expand on what is a smart host?
Jan SpringerCommented:
a couple of data points:

'mx' relates to mail coming into the server, not leaving

if you run your own outbound mail server, you determine the limits

'smarthost' means that you have your own mail server but route all outbound mail through another mail server (like an anti-spam device or your provider's server) instead of direct to the destination
The description here suggests that it's not a Smart Host scenario ( So Starguest, I would say your proposed setup will achieve what you want. Your self hosted SMTP server will be able to fire at will.

Just note however that some ISPs, even with a setup as you've suggested still monitor connection attempts made from your SMTP through their network to the recipients SMTP server and apply restrictions too.

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