Cisco switch - backup of full configuration

We have a handful of Cisco switches that I am taking over.  Previously, there wasn't any external backing up of the switches.  I have setup a TFTP server, and have run the command to backup the switches to a folder on our fileserver.

My question is, does the "copy run tftp" command backup the FULL running configuration of the switch?  DHCP, VLAN, ACLs, port config.....

During my research on how to do this, I saw several other backup methods that also created .cfg files.  However, in looking at these files in a text editor, they clearly did not contain all the configuration information.  Mostly they contained information on the configuration of the ports.  I want to backup everything, so that when I go to restore, nothing else needs to be done.

Am I doing it right?

My next step is to configure them to auto-backup about once per month, in case I forget to back one up after a major config change.
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
A "copy run tftp" will copy all of the switches configuration.  However, depending on VTP mode, the VLAN database may not be included. A "copy flash:vlan.dat tftp" will copy the VLAN database.

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davebuhlAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Is there a way to get everything in a single command?  I do have VTP turned on.

Although, I suppose I only have to run it on the Core switch to grab everything.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
No, there is no single command.

The VLAN database command is only needed if you're using VTP. And you only use it on the VTP server.
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