Office 365 One Drive for Business Deleted all local files

I have one particular user who has had continuing issues with onedrive for business using the full office 365 subscription (the full plan with the desktop version of Office)  I have deleted and resynced multiple times with microsoft support on the phone and his files always get back into the same scenario after some time has passed with "xx" files pending in sync center.  I have removed and reinstalled (as well as repaired) Office countless times.  We are not using the standalone onedrive for business app as it is built into Office on that version of 365.

Today I chose the "repair" option from the onedrive sync utility and midway through it's process the sync app crashed and his entire local cache of files was gone... like gone.

I know the sharepoint version of the files will re-download again but is there any way to get the others back? (the files that had been changed since the sync failed a few weeks ago)  They are not in the recycle bin.  They never made it to the 365 recycle bin.

Thanks in advance, although I presume they are gone?
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
You know, people will actually pay money if you can discover how exactly you managed to get the OneDrive client to wipe the local files :) Remote wipe functionality is one of the common questions that pops up...

Back on the topic, when you choose the repair function, it *should* make a copy of the previously downloaded content to c:\Users\username\OneDrive for Business archives\. That folder might have been redirected to another location via GPO, so make sure to check that as well. More info here:

As for the sync issues, unfortunately many others are having them as well. There are also limitations on the number of items you can sync. Microsoft are aware of the issues and promised improvements to the client, however this will take time. In the meantime, my advice is to sync only files that you actively work on. For all the others (such as one time upload/download), use the browser or map your OneDrive as network folder.
bobbailey22Author Commented:
The files WERE located in the archives folder, so thank you for that note.  There are no GPO's in this case as it is not domain joined.  I don't think we have hit any limitations with file size or the number of files (although the user has a lot) so that's not the issue.  The way I was able to get it to fully sync was to allow the sharepoint docs to download to the local desktop completely, then manually copy the changed folders one at a time back into the folder and allowing them to upload.  I did find that there was one folder that was hanging it up, not sure if there were corrupt files in it, or if the name of the folder was significant (it was named "forms") but after removing that from the local drive and cloud drive the sync completed.  Then I made a new folder with a different name and copied files into it one at a time and the sync completed again successfully.  Since this is like the 5th time we have had to fix the issue, I am not holding my breath, but the issue seems to be resolved for now.

Thanks for your help

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bobbailey22Author Commented:
So the user got in today and says that 6 weeks of files are missing and he can't find them in the archive folder.  Not cool.
bobbailey22Author Commented:
He found them - all is well.
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