VSA stoarge appliace showing offline after maintenance

I have VSA v5.1.  I have a two node cluster..  I needed to power down all cluster members/appliances and/or hosts.  I migrated all VM's to one host.  I then powered all VM's down.  I then placed that  particular VSA appliance in maintenance mode and then shut it down via guest shutdown on the appliance and then shut down it's host after putting the host in maintenance mode.  I had some confusion on how to get the second one to go in maintenance for there was no option to put it in maintenance.  I then tried to put the host in maintenance but it wouldn't since the VSA appliance was powered on still.  Then.. I read the article http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-50/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.vsa.doc_10%2FGUID-EC53CC18-6DA9-423B-B486-CCE5802D98F1.html .  I then shut down the guest OS of the VSA appliance via connecting directly to it's host.  I then placed the last host in maintenance mode.  I then shut the host off.  After performing maintenance I powered on all hosts.  VSA-1 appliance came on just fine, however, VSA-0 is showing to be offline even though we exited maintenance mode successfully.  Do we just use the replace option for VSA-0?
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Have you followed the step outline in the following Vmware article for bringing the appliance out of maintenance mode?

gopher_49Author Commented:
My symptoms where not that the vsa appliance was in maintenance mode.  It was it just didn't come up correctly.  It showed offline even though it was powered on.  Maybe we should of ran the CLI commands you mentioned to determine the state?
Tech support did a guest reset and it came back up.  They said to perform the below steps next time when bringing both hosts/cluster members down for maintenance which is different than the link I posted above.  Keep in mind I have a two node cluster.

VMare said to put the whole VSA cluster in maintenance via connecting to vcenter and using the vsa tab.  Not just a particular one but the whole cluster.  Wait about 5 mins.  That should shut down both VSA appliances.  After 5 mins if they don't shutdown connect to each host one by one and do a guest shutdown.

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gopher_49Author Commented:
Between the both of these you'll be able to perform the maintenance correctly.
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