Can a Business succeed when CEO cares about employees?

Ma'ket Basket

1. Can a Business succeed when CEO cares about employees?

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2. Can a Business succeed when employees cares about CEO?

Arthur T. Demoulas to Market Basket workers: 'You are simply the best' - Thursday, August 28, 2014 - By: Laurel J. Sweet, Jack Encarnacao - Opinion-Boston Herald-10 hours ago
 “We’re here to protect the people. The way that we’ll go forward is with the exact same benefits and programs we’ve always had for the people. And also, the best values and best prices in town.”

“You taught everybody that Market Basket is a place where respect, honor and dignity is a way of life,” Demoulas told his workers. “You displayed your unwavering dedication and desire to protect the culture of your company. You have demonstrated that at this organization, here at Market Basket, everyone is special. You have demonstrated that everyone has a purpose, everyone has meaning, that no one person is better than another, that no one person holds a position of privilege. ... We are all equal.”
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Once the CEO starts to care about employee automatically Employee start to care about the CEO
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
But the business succeeding is about "taking care of business".  If the CEO and employees care for each other, that can help... but it is not the determining factor.  Market Basket has a shitload of debt and business problems to take care of.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
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As a Entrepreneur i would say we should care about our employees at certain extend its because if we try to catch there weak points/problems  we could handle them more easily .
If we know there weak points /problems we could try to solve them so that we could win there confidence and if we are able to do so we could simply play mind game with them.

When we were kid our issues were majorly resolved by our parents or family members . Kids never harm or do some thing which would create problem for there members or house its because they know if there family members are harmed indirectly they would too suffer .
In same way if your employee understands that there office is the home and there CEO is there parents they would work more efficiently to increase business revenue. Giving them small perks or congratulating on there small small things can win there confidence helping them to work more efficiently.

I own my web development company we have develop websites for our client i normally sent my employees to my client place and i am damn sure that they would not betray me .

On other side if you say employees care about there CEO .
First i would check whether he is just doing this for his job sake(to increase or to make his job secure) or is it coming from his heart .
As such person never make your company grow and we should try to make distance from such peoples

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Business succeed and fail for a variety of reasons: Market conditions, product quality, price advantage, etc; but there is no one formula for success. Two companies working under the exact same circumstances may have a totally different results.  The Halo Effect by Phil Rosenzweig examines just such conditions.

In other words:

"Business may succeed because the CEO cares about employees" is just as likely as "Business may fail because the CEO cares about employees"
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Aside: since two referred specifically to Market Basket, I thought best to leave some time for their situation to develop.

When I revisited for their 1st holiday weekend, it was going better than plan, (or hope) while still in more need (sales/inventory).


JJ Boomers selling land, possibly to Market Basket in Lowell
Market Basket deal closes book on family feud
Just months after turmoil, Market Basket pays bonuses

= appears to be recovering ... time to close and move on.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Done, TY.
> We are all equal.
- I find rather doubtful in total, employees would necessarily need different skills/abilities/pay
- more likely is equal and nice treatment by position, such as for men/women, teens/retirees
- for low pay, likely flexible hours with consideration for employee personal need/availability - but paid promptly for actual time on job, leading to less turnaround
- competition may be the kind needing scrutiny for abusive behavior, such as unpaid OT, going off-clock during slow period, etc
- managing managers for multiple storefronts is rather critical need

What caught my eye for 'best comment' was:
> " normally sent my employees to my client place "
- while unsaid there is a difference between what staff can produce well, and like to repeat, versus
- completing a project the customer can find useful, of value, and appreciate
- of all factors it is said that employee values appreciation above pay etc.
- (being paid more to produce 'junk' can lead to unhappiness)
- staff also dislike constant observation, and being micromanaged
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