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What is the best software for creating a very rough video, to showcase the construction phase of a house.

I want to be able to show blocks landing in, windows dropping in etc...

It does not need to be to scale and i don't need to be able to skew the model either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Senior Manager (Wintel Engineering)
SketchUp is probably the easiest to use, and the "Make" version is free -


Ok great, thanks... can you make videos too... or is it just an image
Brad GrouxSenior Manager (Wintel Engineering)

They have a feature called "Scenes" that allows you to animate using "Transitions." You can view a demo on their video tutorial page -
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Ok cool, thanks... i'll check it out now.

Is there a market place for SketchUp so that you can build pre built models?


Thanks guys, i've been playing with this for a few hours today and it seems quite easy to use.

Just one thing i can't figure out. I've started created scenes and animations, but how do i break the house up into components, so that i can show the following construction phases:

- foundation
- ground floor walls
- 1 floor roof
- 2nd floor walls
- 2nd floor roof
- main roof and tiles

Thanks again for your help.
if your interested
AutoDesk?( Homestyler)
It's fun, can add furniture/doors everything,  just use the house on the left to choose build options, up top is 3D view/snapshots and then floors. Spin it around in 3D using the directional button.
Just capture what your doing then you do most of this for free. I add a spiral stairway with some rooms carpeted .Still playing with it, it remembers me so I can back and continue when I like.
oo7ml you didn't get around to seeing my suggestion with AutoDesk?( Homestyler)
what do you think?


Thanks guys, apologies for the late response... SketchUp is exactly what i need.

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