Perl code to read and print the folder permissions on regkeys


Can someone please help to write Perl code that fetches values from registry keys and also prints what permissions different users of system have on those keys?


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See the python docs on  _winreg  ( for accessing the registry.

I couldn't find any examples of reading the security settings so went ahead and wrote one up.  Basically, boils down to using the win32api module to make a windows api call to RegGetKeySecurity, using the winsecurity module to get the DACL, and finally enumerating over the access control entries.  Both win32api and win32security are part of the pywin32  extensions (

Anyway... here's an example of both reading from the registry and listing the permissions on a key:

import win32api
import win32security
import _winreg

class Ace(object):
    ace_flags = {win32security.CONTAINER_INHERIT_ACE: 'Container Inherit',
                 win32security.FAILED_ACCESS_ACE_FLAG: 'Failed Access',
                 win32security.INHERIT_ONLY_ACE: 'Inherit only',
                 win32security.INHERITED_ACE: 'Inherited ACE',
                 win32security.NO_PROPAGATE_INHERIT_ACE: 'No propagate',
                 win32security.OBJECT_INHERIT_ACE: 'Object inherit',
                 win32security.SUCCESSFUL_ACCESS_ACE_FLAG: 'Successful access'}
    def __init__(self, ace):
        self.ace = ace
        ( (self.access_type, self.flags), self.mask, self.pysid) = ace

    def getType(self):
        if self.access_type == win32security.ACCESS_ALLOWED_ACE_TYPE:
            return "Allow"
        if self.access_type == win32security.ACCESS_DENIED_ACE_TYPE:
            return "Deny"

    def getFlags(self):
        readable_flags = list()
        for (f, v) in self.ace_flags.items():
            if f & self.flags == f:
        return readable_flags
class RegKey(object):

    registry_rights = {_winreg.KEY_ALL_ACCESS: 'All Access',
                      _winreg.KEY_WRITE: 'Write',
                      _winreg.KEY_READ: 'Read',
                      _winreg.KEY_EXECUTE: 'Read',
                      _winreg.KEY_QUERY_VALUE: 'Query value',
                      _winreg.KEY_SET_VALUE: 'Set value',
                      _winreg.KEY_CREATE_SUB_KEY: 'Create subkey',
                      _winreg.KEY_ENUMERATE_SUB_KEYS: 'Enum subkeys',
                      _winreg.KEY_NOTIFY: 'Request notification',
                      _winreg.KEY_CREATE_LINK: 'Link (reserved)' }
    def __init__(self, key_path, machine=None, root=winreg.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE):
        self.registry = _winreg.ConnectRegistry(None, root)
        self.key_path = key_path
        self.key = _winreg.OpenKey(self.registry, key_path) = win32api.RegGetKeySecurity(self.key.handle, win32security.DACL_SECURITY_INFORMATION)
        self.dacl =
        self.aces = list()
        for i in range(self.dacl.GetAceCount()):

    def dump_values(self):
        (subkey_count, value_count, last_modified) = _winreg.QueryInfoKey(self.key)
        print "Values:"
        for i in range(value_count):
            (name, data, value_type) = _winreg.EnumValue(self.key, i)
            print "\t{0}: {1}".format(name, data)

    def dump_subkeys(self):
        (subkey_count, value_count, last_modified) = _winreg.QueryInfoKey(self.key)
        print "Subkeys:"
        for i in range(subkey_count):
           print "\t{0}".format(_winreg.EnumKey(self.key, i))

    def dump_ace(self, ace):
        print "Ace: {0}".format(ace.ace)
        print " Type: {0}".format(ace.getType())
        print " Flags: {0}".format(", ".join(ace.getFlags()))  
        account = win32security.LookupAccountSid(None, ace.pysid);
        print " Account: {0}\{1}".format(account[1], account[0])
        print " Access:"
        if ace.mask & _winreg.KEY_ALL_ACCESS == _winreg.KEY_ALL_ACCESS:
            print "\t{0}".format(self.registry_rights[_winreg.KEY_ALL_ACCESS])
            for (p, v) in self.registry_rights.items():
                if p & ace.mask == p:
                   print "\t{0}".format(v)
    def dump_dacl(self):
        for ace in self.aces:
if __name__ == '__main__':
    r = RegKey(r"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings",

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Crap.  Sorry about that.  I could've sworn this was in the python section.  But just noticed you wanted perl.  Obviously not getting enough sleep.  I'll see about throwing together a perl version.
I knew I wasn't completely crazy.  You did ask about it in python:

Anyway... bored and there's nothing much on TV so I'll throw together a perl version too.
Here's a perl version.
use Win32::TieRegistry (Delimiter=>"/",

use Win32::API;

Win32::API::Struct->typedef('ACL_SIZE_INFORMATION', qw (
	DWORD AceCount;
	DWORD AclBytesInUse;
	DWORD AclBytesFree;
Win32::API::Struct->typedef('ACE', qw (
	BYTE AceType;
	BYTE AceFlags;
	WORD AceSize;
	DWORD AccessMask;
	LPDWORD pAccessMask;
	DWORD SidStart;

Win32::API::More->Import("advapi32", "BOOL GetSecurityDescriptorDacl(LPVOID pSecurityDescriptor, LPBOOL lpbDaclPresent, LPVOID pDacl, LPBOOL lpbDaclDefaulted)");
Win32::API::More->Import("advapi32", "BOOL GetAclInformation(DWORD pAcl, LPACL_SIZE_INFORMATION pAclInfo, DWORD nAclInfoLen, DWORD dwAclInfoClass)");
Win32::API::More->Import("advapi32", "BOOL GetAce(DWORD pAcl, DWORD dwAceIndex, LPVOID ppAce)");
Win32::API::More->Import("advapi32", "BOOL LookupAccountSid(DWORD lpSystemName, DWORD lpSid, LPTSTR lpName, LPDWORD cchName, LPTSTR lpReferencedDomainName, LPDWORD cchReferencedDomainName, LPDWORD peUse)");
Win32::API::More->Import("advapi32", "BOOL ConvertSidToStringSid(DWORD Sid, LPVOID ppStringSid)");

sub DumpSubKeys {
   my $key = shift;
   print "Subkeys:\n";
   for (keys(%{$key})) {
      print "\t$_\n" unless m#^/#;

sub DumpValues {
   my $key = shift;
   print "Values:\n";
   for (keys(%{$key})) {
       $value = $key->{$_};
       print "\t$_ => $value\n" if m#^/#;

sub DumpACL {

   my %access_map = (
	KEY_ALL_ACCESS, "All access",
	KEY_WRITE, "Write",
	KEY_READ, "Read",
	KEY_EXECUTE, "Execute",
	KEY_SET_VALUE, "Set value",
	KEY_CREATE_SUB_KEY, "Create subkey",
	KEY_ENUMERATE_SUB_KEYS, "Enum subkeys",
	KEY_NOTIFY, "Notify",
	KEY_CREATE_LINK, "Create link" );
   my $key = shift;
   my $pSecurityDescriptor = 0;
   $key->RegGetKeySecurity(DACL_SECURITY_INFORMATION, $pSecurityDescriptor);

   my $pPresent = 0;
   my $pDACL = pack "L", 0;
   my $pDefaulted = 0;
   if (GetSecurityDescriptorDacl($pSecurityDescriptor, $pPresent, $pDACL, $pDefaulted)) {
      $pDACL = unpack "L", $pDACL;

      my $pInfo = Win32::API::Struct->new('ACL_SIZE_INFORMATION');
      $pInfo->{'AceCount'} = 0;
      $pInfo->{'AclBytesInUse'} = 0;
      $pInfo->{'AclBytesFree'} = 0;

      if (GetAclInformation($pDACL, $pInfo, $pInfo->sizeof, 2)) {
         for (my $i=0; $i < $pInfo->{AceCount}; $i++) {
             my $pAce = Win32::API::Struct->new('ACE');
             $pAce->{AceType} = 0;
             $pAce->{AceFlags} = 0;
             $pAce->{AceSize} = 0;
             $pAce->{AccessMask} = 0;
             $pAce->{pAccessMask} = 0;
             $pAce->{SidStart} = 0;

             my $ppAce = pack "L", 0;
             if (GetAce($pDACL, $i, $ppAce)) {
                 $ppAce = unpack "L", $ppAce;

                 print " Type: $pAce->{'AceType'}\n";
                 print " Flags: $pAce->{'AceFlags'}\n";
                 print " Mask: $pAce->{'AccessMask'}\n";

                 my $name = " " x 260; 
		 my $lName = length($name);
                 my $domainName = " " x 260;
                 my $ldomainName = length($domainName);
                 my $peUse = 0;
                 if (LookupAccountSid(0, $ppAce + 8, $name, $lName, $domainName, $ldomainName, $peUse)) {
                    $domainName =~ s/\x00.*//;
                    $name =~ s/\x00.*//;
                    print " Account: $domainName\\$name\n";
                 else {
                    print "LookupAccountSid Error = $^E\n";

                 print " Access:\n";
                 for my $k (keys(%access_map)) {
                     print "\t$access_map{$k}\n" if ($k & $pAce->{'AccessMask'}) == $k;

             else {
                 print $^E;

my $key = $Registry->{"CUser/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Internet Settings"};

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