How do you Import an excel 2007 worksheets from a corrupted workbook into another workbook

Hello All,
I have a corrupt Excel 2007 workbook that can't be repaired or even opened.  I need a few of the worksheets from it imported into another workbook.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
you can try other spreadsheet packages such as LibreOffice to see if they can open it.
Does your system maintain any backups or Previous Versions?
Has it ever been emailed to anyone, as they would have a copy in their mailbox?
When an Excel file is corrupted, then you can try several methods to recover it:
1.(Free Method) First of all, you can try to repair the file manually in Excel, as follows:
(1) On the File menu, click Open.
 (2) In the Open dialog box, select the file you want to open, and click the arrow next to the Open button.
 (3) Click Open and Repair, and then choose which method you want to use to recover your workbook.
You may find more information about this at: (for Excel 2003) (for Excel 2007) (for Excel 2010) (for Excel 2013)
2.(Free Method) If method 1 fails, there are still several methods to recover your Excel file manually with Excel, including writing a small VBA macro, as below
3.(Free Method) Third, there are also free tools from third-parties that can open and read Microsoft Excel files, for example,
3.1 OpenOffice at This is a very famous open source project that is designed to support Office file formats, including Excel files. The software can run under Windows.

3.2 LibreOffice at Another free office suite.
3.3 KingSoft Spreadsheets at This is a free Windows tool that can open Excel files.

3.4 Google Drive at also support to load Excel files.

Sometimes when Excel fails to open your file, these tools may be able to open it successfully. If that is the case, then after the Excel file is opened, you can just save it as a new file which will be error-free.
4.(Free Method) For xlsx files, they are actually a group of files compressed in Zip file format. Therefore, sometimes, if the corruption is only caused by the Zip file, then you can use Zip repair tools such as WinRAR at to repair the file, as follows:
4.1 Assuming the corrupt Excel file is a.xlsx, then you need to rename it to
4.2 Start WinRAR, go to "Tools > Repair Archive" to repair and generated a fixed file
4.3 Rename back to a_fixed.xlsx
4.4 Using Excel to open a_fixed.xlsx.

There may still be some warnings when opening the fixed file in Excel, just let ignore it and Excel will try to open and repair the fixed file. If the file can be opened successfully, then you can just save the contents into another error-free file.
5.(Non-Free Method) If all above methods do not work, then you may try third-party tools such as DataNumen Excel Repair at
It supports both .xls and .xlsx format. I have used it to recover some Excel files successfully. It provides a free demo version so that you can try to see if the data you want can be recovered or not.
Good luck!
shannondsAuthor Commented:
I had done a Google search prior to posting this. I tried just about all of these, but to know avail:

I've informed the user that without a back up, we're out of luck...

Thanks for the attempts...
Some things just can't be fixed

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