How do I display elapsed time in a pop up window?

I have the following in a batch script:

REM Launch the message "window"
start "** RUNNING **" m.bat

The m.bat file looks like this:

@echo off
echo ****************************************
echo ****************************************
echo ****     BATCH PROCESS RUNNING      ****
echo ****            DO NOT END          ****
echo ****************************************
echo ****************************************
pause > null

I would like somehow to display the elapsed time as well.
In other words how much time has gone by from when the script was run?
A count up timer, ie   2 minutes, 45 seconds.. and it keeps counting up.
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On which OS, and is it important/required that the script can be closed by pressing a key?
The "m" script could probably even monitor the main script and then end itself when the main script ends, but for that, you need to provide more information about the calling script.
In the meantime, how about something like this (it uses choice.exe; should be part of Windows since Vista):
@echo off
set /a Interval = 5
set /a Seconds = 0
echo ****************************************
echo ****************************************
echo ****     BATCH PROCESS RUNNING      ****
echo ****            DO NOT END          ****
echo ****************************************
echo ****************************************
echo ** RUNNING for %Seconds% seconds **
set /a Seconds += Interval
choice.exe /t 5 /d C /n /c CX >NUL
if %errorlevel%==1 (
	title ** RUNNING for %Seconds% seconds **
	goto Loop
exit /b

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100questionsAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  
OS is Windows 8.
Another script which runs will need to kill the m.bat process.
It looks like at the moment that script does not kill the process however, and the m.bat just keeps running and running.

My other script had this near the end of the script which would kill the m.bat script, however this no longer works:

REM Find and kill the message proc
for /f "tokens=2 delims=," %%A in ('tasklist /v /fo csv ^| find "** RUNNING **"') do (
  taskkill /pid %%~A > nul

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Then the other script probably looks for Window title, which I used to display the remaining time as well.
Remove line 17 and try again.
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100questionsAuthor Commented:
Works well now. Thank you.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Sometimes useful to add a change of window size and color too if wanted, add something like this below @echo off:

mode 45,10
color 4f

color  /? shows you color possibilities.  mode is cols,rows

100questionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks dragon-it, very useful features.   I tried it and it works well.
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