How do I move all PST files from one server to another server (different environment) for backup purposes?

I need to move all pst files from clients server to our server (seperate environment) in order to import to an ediscovery solution. I would like to know what the quickest method would be for this.
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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
"We are not connected at all, completely different environments."

Then an external hard drive is your solution.
Chris MillardCommented:
How are you and your clients servers connected? How many PSTs are you talking about, and roughly how large are the PSTs (in total)?
odum90Author Commented:
We are not connected at all, completely different environments. How many PSTs would depend on the client at the time, the current one is 200 GB of PST files, ranging from 2GB to 6GB.
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IMHO: There is little you can do besides copy & paste here (manual or scripted).

The other alternative is based on a large number of coincidencies.... i.e. IF
1 - users never deleted stuff from the server when they downloaded it into their PST
2 - AND your SMTP server kept copies sent items routed through it
then you could also consider extracting the mail server itself (assuming you ediscovery solution has mailbox checking functionality - POP / IMAP / ActiveSync / etc)

What is your plan for ongoing backups? Copying the PST is going to work today, but how about emails received from no onwards?
odum90Author Commented:
I believe I can place my server on their vlan,  then create a bat file to pull all pst's
odum90Author Commented:
Hard drive is easy fix,  however I would have to wait on the HD to be shipped,  looking for a quicker process
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