How do I hide a specific element in jQuery?

Hi all,

Could anyone please help me hide the last <p> element inside this div using jQuery. I'm going nuts. Tried everything, nth-child, eq(), etc. Noting seems to work:

<div class="inside">
<input id="wpclubmanager_meta_nonce" name="wpclubmanager_meta_nonce" value="0f6697b2fe" type="hidden"><input name="_wp_http_referer" value="/wp-admin/post.php?post=179&amp;action=edit" type="hidden">
			<label class="selectit">
				<input name="wpcm_played" id="wpcm_played" value="1" type="checkbox">
				Risultato			</label>
		<div style="display: none;" id="results-table">
		<tr class="wpcm-ss-admin-tr-last">
			<th align="right">Half Time</th>
			<td><input name="wpcm_goals[q1][home]" id="wpcm_goals_q1_home" value="0" size="3" type="text"></td>
			<td><input name="wpcm_goals[q1][away]" id="wpcm_goals_q1_away" value="0" size="3" type="text"></td>

						<th align="right">Punteggio</th>
						<td><input name="wpcm_goals[total][home]" id="wpcm_goals_total_home" value="0" size="3" type="text"></td>
						<td><input name="wpcm_goals[total][away]" id="wpcm_goals_total_away" value="0" size="3" type="text"></td>
			<label class="selectit">
				<input name="wpcm_friendly" id="wpcm_friendly" value="1" type="checkbox">
				Amichevole			</label>


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use <<  :last >>
$(".inside p:last").hide();

test page :
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