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Hello All,

I am trying to combine videos from Sony video camera (and android videos) into one but also add stunning effects like >>
date of movie clip (at top left or right)
caption in a very presentable manner (changeable font and color )
add a soft (not too loud) background music to the clips

for someone. As she passed away and I want to hold to that memory.

Please suggest the best list of video editors. Also after converting or combining  the videos into one, i don't want the original quality of the video to get bad or low quality , rather it stays the same high quality format.

There are premiree and power director and more but i am confused. Please guide. I am willing to go forward and pay if that's not too expensive. But the best list of apps  i need

thank you
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nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
Do you have access to a Mac?  iMovie can do a great job for you.
RayneAuthor Commented:
I have windows 7 (not Mac)
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
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Rayne if you never doen this before I woudl suggest the simplest as there is a learning curve to do these things.

To combine video on a video timeline you just need a good editing tool that supports the different video formats
The Best for me Cyberlink Power Director which I own but would be too complex for you as a beginner.
 followed by Nero Vision in Nero that may bundel with your DVD burner
Free but with a yearly subscription of 39 dollars
Avs Video Editor
I recommend  to you
Free and simple and very good Windows Live Moviemaker

Windows 7 offers the free windows live essentials which includes Windows Movie Maker
DVD maker is the final step and when you burn it to DVD add a menu etc
Like this
To create a beautiful movie edit it with effects/transitions credits if you want free
 windows moviemaker does very well,  once you have done your editing then go to save movie for DVD it opens in windows DVD maker then you can continue on
here's the best guide I know of
Turn Photos and Home Videos into Movies with Windows Live Movie Maker 
Keep in mind with Microsoft WMM if you use mp4 it takes longer to load your video will have a blue clock timer
as it has to bring in the audio ( Loading data ) see that at the bottom left
but once your video thumbnails look right your good to go. Drag and drop your next video on at the end of the first so mark your curser to the end. Remember that a DVD is 4.7 gig so don't go too big or you'll exceed the DVD capacity.

It supports .mod .mov. avi, mpeg
To put a text in a position on your  video mark the spot with your curser/line then add the text using the add credits then drag it to the position you want clear the current text and choose your font and font colour and type it in, adjust size of box by dragging in the edges
menuAdding TextMoving position and changing FontDrag and drop your audio on
Drag and drop audio on at specific positionAudio under trackIf you need help let me know as I can help you through the steps

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You can use Virtualdub, a free video editing program. The features are described at: > and

the download link is to the left.
RayneAuthor Commented:
Thank you all :)
You're welcome Rayne. If you get stuck just come back to your question here.
If I may add, having used VDM many times
 Virtual dub doesn't support any other video formats other than avi unless you get Virtual dub mod/virtual dub mpeg and then all it does is split video append video it does not add transitions or effects.
By the way you can create beautiful slideshows with power point as well.
Regards Merete
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