Are there known issues with reverting a vCenter server 5.0 to snapshot?

We were having problems after upgrading Tomcat on our vCenter server; some of the plugins were not working (hardware and services health monitoring).  Through research, I discovered that upgrading Tomcat on its own is not recommended, the preferred method being to upgrade vCenter server itself.   Before upgrading Tomcat, we had taken a snapshot, so to address the plugin issue, we reverted to snapshot.  Since doing so, we are no longer connect any of our esxi hosts.  We can still manage the VMs (including the vCenter server) by using vSphere client to access the esxi hosts directly.  All hosts can still ping vCenter server and the vCenter server can ping the hosts (both IP and host name), so the network is good and DNS is working.  (I can't see the firewall settings because I can't access cluster settings due to vCenter server being disconnected from the hosts).  All of the vCenter services appear to be running on the vCenter server, although some are set to manual and I am not sure which ones are absolutely required.  I'm leaning in the direction of building a new vCenter server and connecting our hosts to that so we can restore HA and DRS, but I am wondering has any input on our original vCenter server problem.  Thanks.
Michael DahlkeCyber Systems ChiefAsked:
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Tomcat is web service, working horse vpxd is independent from that tomcat.
I'd try official upgrade first, it is very likely to replace tomcat with good one.
Also no harm in reverting - database remains intact.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Can you connect to vCenter Server using the vSphere Client ?

Have you tried removing and re-adding the ESXi servers ?
Michael DahlkeCyber Systems ChiefAuthor Commented:
Andrew, we can connect to the vCenter server using vSphere client, but it shows all hosts and DS as disconnected.  I can't edit any of the cluster settings.  I did try to remove a host from inventory and re-add it, but it errors out saying that it couldn't find the specified host.
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Michael DahlkeCyber Systems ChiefAuthor Commented:
gheist, Thanks for answering the question about reverting to snapshot.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Okay, not finding an existing host.....

can you

1. ping the server by IP Address

2. ping the server by fqdn

3. tracert to IP Address e.g. reverse DNS

from vCenter Server ?

You could start looking through vCenter logs....

otherwise it could be quicker to deloy a new vCenter Server from scratch.......

new server, new vcenter server, new database

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Michael DahlkeCyber Systems ChiefAuthor Commented:
1. Yes, from any of our 4 ESXi hosts, I can ping the vCenter server and vice versa
2. Yes, same goes for FQDN.
3. Yes, I can tracert by IP from vCenter server

I kind of figured we would have to build a new vCenter server, was just hoping someone knew of a service that needed to be restarted or had seen this specific issue before.  I do have a Backup Exec 2012 backup of the vCenter VM, but the backup was configured before I got to the organization and I have never restored a VM with Backup Exec before.  I will still try this time, just to see if it works, because why else have backups!  Thanks for your input.
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